How To an Abdomen Workout

abdominal The abdomen is also called the belly. It is the region between the chest and the hip. Abdomen is a region where fat deposits tend to take place very fast. This results in a ‘potbelly’. A potbelly is not difficult to lose. All it takes is the right diet and exercise. The abdominal muscles are among the difficult muscles to develop.

The six-pack abs is the most sought after by international models and actors. If you want to tone your abs you also have to do cardiovascular exercises to lose body fat. Here are some basic abdomen exercises.


Lay down on the floor, preferably on a mat. Bend your knees. Let your feet be on the ground. Lock your hands together and place them behind your head. Now slowly lift your upper torso upward. Use your hands to support your head during this movement. If you can’t lift your torso then lift only your shoulders. When at the peak of the movement, hold that position for a moment. Come back to the original position to complete a repetition.

Horizontal Knee Sit Ups

Sit on a sturdy bench. Sit at the edge of the bench, and hold the bench underneath with both hands. Now lift your legs and bring them to your chest. Push them away horizontally. Bring them back to the chest again to complete one repetition. This is a high intensity exercise, and people tend to do it fast. For best results do this in a slow to medium speed.

Knee Raises

Hold a pull-up bar at shoulder width. Hang with your hand firmly holding the bar. Now raise your knees and bend them until they are in line with your hips. Hold on for a moment and then lower your legs again to its original position to complete a repetition.

Incline Bench Sit ups

Lay on an incline bench. Lock your ankles into the placeholder at the end of the bench. With bent knees, pull yourself up towards your bent knees. Bring yourself back to the original position to complete a repetition.


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