How to Aim For a Flat Tummy

flat If you are bothered about your growing girth then you should find out how to aim for a flat tummy. You have to pay attention to not only your lower abdomen but also to the muscles of the deeper abdomen.

Pelvic Lift

If you follow the right exercises for your lower abdomen then you will be successful in toning it. For this you need to practice some sets of pelvic lifts and pelvic tilts. Now how do you do a pelvic lift?

Firstly you need to lie straight on your back in such a way that the knees are folded and directed towards the chest. Keep your arms in a relaxed manner by your sides. Now you have to pull in the lower abdomen so that it feels tight. Gently raise your bottom from the floor and your knees should point to the sky. Remain in this position for about five to ten seconds. You can repeat it five times in the beginning and later increase the number to ten to twenty.

Pelvic Tilt

In order to do a proper pelvic tilt you have to lie down on the floor on your back and keep your knees bent. Tighten your abdominal muscles and let your back feel flat. After this, you need to slightly curve your pelvis. Stay in the position for five to ten seconds. Five repetitions of this exercise are good but you can try to make about 20 repetitions gradually.

Toning of the Deep Abdomen

If you want to make the deeper muscles of the abdomen firm then you can practice these exercises. Get down to a crawling position on all your fours. While taking a deep breath, let your abdomen dangle down. Breathe out and after you exhale pull your navel inside and focus it towards the spine. Hold the position for about ten seconds and you will feel a tightening in the waist area.


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