How to adopt a healthy routine diet?

routinediet Health is the greatest asset of an individual though many of us give importance to tangible objects like gold, diamonds, bank balance, property, goodwill as valuable assets. With busy and fast lifestyle, people seem to have become obsessed with earning money, name and fame.

Professionals have succumbed to unhealthy lifestyle by way of long office work, eating fast food, lack of sleep etc. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension and ever rising cases of cancer are some of the aftermath of a modern life.

Lack of time and lethargy is aiding in the burgeoning of fast food culture. Fast food has become the norm of a day. Burgers, pizzas, aerated drinks, etc. sell like hot cakes. On the other hand, fresh vegetables have been replaced by tinned preservative products. Canned food can be cooked up in minutes as people cannot afford to spend long hours in preparation of meals.

Here are some quick easy tips to adopt a healthy diet on a regular basis:

Step 1- Have a heavy breakfast. Spare a few minutes to include edible raw vegetables and fruits like carrots, apples, banana, cucumber, berries etc. You can easily manage to boil a couple of eggs and potatoes and refrigerate them. Include them in your morning diet as well. Take a glass of milk or juice to energize your day. Sprout salad, brown bread, omelet/mayonnaise or cheese with lettuce, tomatoes or minced cabbage is another good option.

Step 2- For lunch try to include whole grains, legumes and vegetables in your diet. Chop and sauté them in cholesterol free oil; adding spices and condiments accordingly. Ensure that the meal contains at least one food item from each category namely proteins, carbohydrates, fats and roughage.

Step 3 – Try to have a light meal for dinner.  Take some curd, whole grains and fruits.

Step 4 – Drink plenty of water as this helps to remove toxins from the body.
Health is important to look your best and feel your best. Find great health information and words of wisdom to keep your mind and body robust and invigorated. Health, fitness – we all know they go hand in hand. Read about topics like diet, nutrition, weight control and vitamin supplements. Still, women’s health and men’s health issues are very different. So click on topics especially for you.

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