How to add friends on messenger lists?

ymm Today chatting and talking to friends is very easy. Internet lets you connect to people living in your country as well as outside it. Not only you can talk to people you know but you can make new friends online as well.

One of the most popular messengers that are used nowadays for chatting and talking is yahoo messenger. It allows you to chat with your friends located in any part of the world. You can easily communicate with them without paying extra money. In this article you will learn how to add your friends to your yahoo Id.


Step 1

All you need to have is download the messenger from the internet and start using it with your yahoo id. In order to chat with your friends you need to make sure that they are also signed in on the yahoo messenger and are added on your messenger list.

Step 2

To add a friend on your friend list, you will have to send an invite to your friend who is using a messenger or has a yahoo id. Go to the messenger menu bar and click on “+” option.

Step 3

A window will open up which will ask for your friends Id. Fill in your friends Id and click on next. You can enter a message to your friend if you want or just simply send in the request.

Step 4

If you friend is using his yahoo at that moment then he will instantly get your friend request or he will get it next time he logs into his yahoo messenger account. You can easily chat after adding each other.

Step 5

Once both of you have saved each other in the messenger list, you can easily chat to each other. You can also communicate and watch the video using the latest yahoo messenger version.

Bhrat Brij

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