How to Activate JavaScript in Internet Explorer

java Are you having browsing troubles with your Internet Explorer and are not able to accurately view some pages on the Web? Is error messages like “please activate JavaScript” popping up when you want to download certain files? In order to avoid such browsing problems, you need to have JavaScript activated in your browser. Read on to learn how.

JavaScript is a programming language that is used by numerous sites on the Web and by many other electronic resources. Every major web browser include JavaScript capability. Internet Explorer being one of the most used Internet browsers today, it supports JavaScript obviously. But you may need to activate JavaScript in your Internet Explorer in order to get the full functionality from the Web.

Please follow the instructions given below to activate and enable JavaScript in your Internet Explorer.

Step 1: Open the Internet Explorer. Click on the Tools drop-down menu, and select Internet Options.

Step 2: Select the Security tab in the Internet Options window.

Step 3: Select the Internet icon (represented by an image of the Earth). Select “Internet” as the zone for which you wish to change the security settings.

Step 4: Bring mouse pointer on the sliding scale representing security level for the selected zone. Set the scale to “medium”. In case the version of Internet Explorer that you are using does not display a sliding scale, you can select the security level manually.

Step 5: Now select the Custom Level button.

Step 6: A menu will pop up. Scroll down through the menu and locate Scripting/Active Scripting towards the end of the menu. Click on Enable under Scripting/Active Scripting. To confirm your choice, click OK.

Step 7: If you wish to activate JavaScript only for certain trusted sites, choose “Trusted sites” under the Security tab. Click on Custom level and activate JavaScript.

Step 8: Click OK to close Internet Options window.

JavaScript is activated in your Internet Explorer.


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