How to act to prevent Global Warming

glob Global Warming is the continuous rising temperature of earth and ocean. It is creating an environmental imbalance. Global Warming problem has increased in a rate which is much faster than a rate we thought of. It is completely wrong that this is completely a man made phenomenon. It is not. It is a combination effect of natural cycle of planet and man made influences. Now we are really at danger. If we still do not take steps the future generations will suffer from the effect of it.

Though it is definite that major steps are required from public bodies and corporations, we also help in a indirect way to help to prevent Global Warming. Our individual effort may be very small compared to the real problem, but collective effort of human society can be quite effective. So throw away your negative thoughts and act to help to prevent Global Warming

Reduce consumption of Petroleum products

Petroleum products are a major cause of Global Warming. The carbon base gases generated by the growing number of vehicles are a nuisance to prevent Global Warming. You should try to avoid using your car. If it is a small distance to cover, you can go by walking or use bicycle. Try to join a pull car.
If your pocket permits buy a hybrid car. If all these fail, try to buy a Fuel efficient car.

Reduce wastage of Energy

Maximum energy in the world is generated from non-renewable source of energy like coal. So try to reduce your consumption energy. Try to use CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) instead of conventional light bulb. CFL also contaminates earth with mercury. Take care for its recycling.
Do not use energy inefficient gadgets like washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator etc.
Turn-off the TV or computer etc. when you are not using them.

Plant Trees

Trees take away the carbon dioxide and leaves oxygen in the air. So everybody of us should try to plant more trees so that the toxic gas carbon dioxide gets reduced from air and subsequently Global Warming.


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