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How is it that some people can remain married for ages without losing that spark so oft associated with budding romance? The rest of us are ever so eager to..
The baby inside your womb is already a member of your family. If you think that your baby will be there with you the day he/she will be born, you..
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Are you dying to know if he like you? Are you guessing by playing he like me, he like me not on a rose flower but not sure yet...
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Teenage is the period of the life where everybody gets attracted towards opposite sex. It is just an opposite attraction in most of the cases and never serious...
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It is really painful when your loved one stays away from you for a long time. Though you know that difficulties come in life and you have to reciprocate as..
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Gone are the days when women passively awaited for their Prince Charming to make the first move. Now, more than ever, women are taking some initiative in dating matters...
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Much as every man might wish it to be otherwise, asking a girl out for the first time is no mean task. No one likes to risk the humiliation of..
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Love is not as easy as it sounds. You have tried your level best to coax the most beautiful girl in your class or your circle..
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After all you are also a human and it is quite difficult to be merry all time, everywhere! You meet lots of people as customers who might have eaten up..
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Numerous hearts claim to be stuck by cupid as soon as the looks are exchanged. ‘It just clicked and love flashed in the air,’ ‘…at the first glance, I said..
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It was indeed a tough time when you had given up all the hopes and had a broken heart. Your all sweet moments valued nothing and then finally you guys..
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Relationships are crucial. You must handle them with care. Although you both are in love with each other, things may sometimes go wrong between you...
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Fast track Gen-Y loves to live in virtual reality. Shopping online, e-bookings, and now even cupid is playing online...