3 Ways To Treat Moccasin Foot

Ways To Treat Moccasin Foot

Moccasin foot disease is more of a fungal infection than a disease. The infection is found mainly on the thickest part of the sole of the foot. The infection leads to severe pain and discomfort of the foot. Moccasin foot disease can be rather difficult to treat.

Causes Of Moccasin Foot

The infection is causes by ringworm that has been scientifically identified as Trichophytom rubrum. Infection caused by this ringworm is more severe in nature than the one caused tinea pedis, which is responsible for athlete’s foot.


The first sign of Moccasin foot infection is mild irritation and itching in the sole of the foot. The skin of the sole turns dry. In a couple of days the slight irritation turns to severe burning sensation. The skin becomes scaly in appearance. These scales become silvery in appearance if the infection is left untreated. The infection starts spreading to the toenails as well. Some people may also end up with the infection on their palms if they don’t take precautions.

3 Natural Treatments For Moccasin Foot

Moccasin foot disease is a chronic infection that cannot be treated with use of over-the-counter medications. Prescribed medicines include antifungal creams. However, it is also possible to successfully treat Moccasin foot disease with home remedies. To get rid of the infection completely, it is important to perform the treatment regularly.


Garlic To Reduce Moccasin Foot

Garlic has known anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and has been used widely for treating various infections. The spice has proven useful in treatment of Moccasin foot as well. Take three to four pods of garlic and peel them. Crush the pods. Clean your hands and begin massaging the crushed pods directly over the infected area. Massage the area for two minutes. Leave the crushed garlic over the infected skin. Take medicated gauze and secure the garlic in place with it. Remove the garlic after a couple of hours and re-apply fresh garlic paste. Continue this treatment every day for at least three months to get rid of the infection completely. Application of garlic will ensure that the fungi do not return.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Moccasin Foot

Apple cider vinegar has strong acetic content which makes it effective for treating Moccasin foot. Acetic acid acts upon the infection causing fungi and disinfects the skin completely. Prepare a foot soak by mixing one cup apple cider vinegar and two cups warm water in a clean basin.

Soak the infected foot in the basin for about 20 minutes. Remove the foot from the basin and dry it completely using a soft towel or by using a hair dryer (set at cool temperature). It is important to dry the foot thoroughly. Perform this treatment twice a day for four months to remove the infection and to prevent it from recurring.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Moccasin Foot

Like garlic, tea tree essential oil is also known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Make a foot soak by combining 10ml tea tree essential oil, 3ml olive oil and one liter water in a clean basin. Soak the infected foot in this tea tree oil mixture for 20-30 minutes. Repeat the treatment at least three times a day to get rid of the infection.

Another way of treating Moccasin foot is by directly massaging the tea tree essential oil over the affected area. However, mix tree tea essential oil with oil like olive oil or coconut oil. Essential oils should never be used undiluted as they can harm the sensitive skin.

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