How to Stay Faithful in Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is an intimate relationship in which two partners are separated from each other through a considerable distance. Thus, partners are not able to meet with each other frequently. It is not necessary that only married couples have to experience long distance relationship due to certain reasons. People in love can also experience same.

It a study conducted, it was found that about 3% of marriages in United States are long distance relationships and in 10% of such marriages, separation occurs in first three years of marriage. Having a long distance relationship in initial years of marriage is really painful. However, there have been certain cases in which partners were not able to remain faithful and thus, marriage came to an end.

For a long distance relationship to be successful, it is very necessary that partners are faithful to each other, so that their love and intensity is not reduced with time. In long distance relationship, partners can communicate with each other through text messaging or email, letters, chatting through social networking sites, and different types of shared offline activities. No doubt, it is really difficult to be in a long distance relationship, but if the love is true, break up can be avoided.

How to Stay Faithful in Long Distance Relationship

There are some ways in which a person can stay faithful in long distance relationship. First and foremost requirement for a successful long distance relationship is trust. Partners must trust each other. Without trust, no relation can survive and long distance relationship is no exception. If any of the partners feel that other partner is not having trust in him or her, feeling of cheating may creep into the relationship slowly, which is really very dangerous. As the time passes, this thought gets fixed into the mind of partners and ultimately, they agree to live their lives independently. Trust is not something that can be achieved in a day or two. Rather, it is backed by a sharing of a bond between two people. By virtue of trust, two partners involved in long distance relationship can keep the love and caring alive for many years.

It is said that if a person continues to see his or her better half, he remains bonded and thus, can stay faithful. Thanks to the new age technology, through video chat, partners of long distance relationship can see and talk to each other at frequent intervals. They can look into eyes of one another to see love. When they see smile on face of each other, they feel contented and happy and thus, remain faithful. Rather that waiting for the random calls, partners can fix the time when they would come on to video chat.

Though emails can be sent for passing the massage, these are often overlooked. Also, when time for video chat is fixed, they like to wait for that time and this increases love and bonding between two. Time set must be comfortable to both the partners. Mostly, couples like to talk to each other at night. If video chat is not possible and email is the only way of passing the message, it is required that some photo attachments are there. This would keep the love alive and thus, partners would stay faithful. Capturing a photo through mobile and transferring it to other person is a child’s play in present times.

Another step that can be taken by partners inlong distance relationship is maintaining the level of intimacy. Intimate partners always remain faithful and relation is broken only when one of them dies. Though it is very difficult to display physical feelings over phone or through email, video chat etc, it has to be done. If one partner displays physical feelings, other partner must accept it and respond is similar fashion. It is noteworthy that when one partner displays physical feelings, it means he or she is very much engaged in the relationship and thus, is faithful. This act definitely puts another partner at ease. It may take some time for the partners to enjoy long distance intimacy but it can surely be developed.

In many cases, it has been observed that a person stars feeling that other partner is cheating on him just because he thinks like that. In other words, it is the mind of a partner that forces him or her to think like that. It is quite obvious too, as partners are not in contact with each other regularly. It is basically the perception that makes a man or a woman think that his or her partner is not faithful, unless there are certain reasons for doing so.

Human mind is quite inquisitive and this may also be one of reasons why a person may not have faith in other and starts inquiring in an indirect manner. This action is not at all good for any relationship. For staying faithful in a long distance relationship, fixing of mindset is very essential. Most of partners think that they can never cheat. But same feeling should be about other partner also. Sometimes, there are many compulsions in front of a person that restrict them from cheating. For example, if a woman has high character and she is totally committed to marriage, her partner must never think that she is not faithful. This perception helps in strengthening the bond between the two.

Another way of staying faithful in a long distance relationship is to look for own weaknesses. If both the partners look at their weak spots, they can take efforts for overcoming same and thus, relation can be saved. Through full disclosure also, partners can stay faithful in long distance relationship. In other words, only truth should be told to the partner. For example, if a person is sitting in a coffee shop, he must not tell other partner, who is staying quite far away, that he or she is at home of a friend. Lying always breaks the trust between the partners and thus, they find it very difficult to stay faithful. Similarly, if any person is trying to get close to any of partners, same truth must be told to other partner.

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