How To Spot Being Used By Friends

How To Spot Being Used By FriendsFriends are indeed the biggest asset of our lives. They raise our spirits when we are down, you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings with them, and together you can have fun and forget about everything else. But sometime we are so immersed in the other person that we fail to realize if we are being taken for a ride.

It’s great to have a partner for your deeds and misdeeds, but we should be careful not to let ourselves be used in the name of friendship. It can be a tough task determining if your friend is true or not. But if you take some time to think about their actions and behaviors, you may be able to get a hint of the bigger picture. Some of the scenarios discussed below can help in recognizing your friends better.

Being Yourself

The greatest comfort one can derive from an ideal friendship is the freedom to be yourself in the presence of your friends. You can let go of yourself and do whatever you want without being scared of your friends judging you. The moment you have to put up an act or be someone else in front of your friend, you can tell that friendship is not worth it. There is absolutely no use in keeping such a friend as you will never be comfortable around that person.

Sharing Secrets

We like to share our secrets, thoughts and feelings with our friends. It is a great psychological relief and sharing also strengthens the friendship. But if your friend is spreading your secrets to others or uses them for gossip, get rid of such friend at once. Your private life and thoughts are not meant for the entertainment of others.

Are You Being Used?

It may take up quite some time to find out if you are being used by your friend.If you are too engrossed in your friend and love him/her, then it’s better to judge his/her character before losing yourself further. A friend may use you in various ways – mentally, physically, materially etc.

How To Spot Being Used By Friends

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Try to find out if your friend really listens to your problems or not. Your friend may approach you in his/her time of trouble, but does he/she stay when you need them? Does your friend take enough care for your well-being? Does your friend accompany you in your sad times? If you are answering ‘no’ in most cases, think over your friendship again.

Sometimes, a person may cling to you just for material pleasures. If you have a car, money and wealth, people are easily attracted. It is not a good sign if your friend always depends on you financially, or borrows money from you without returning. Suggest sharing of bills and expenses which you have incurred together and see how your friend reacts.

If your friend disappears after a few of such monetary understandings, be happy that you have got rid of an opportunist. So from next time whenever you reach out for a friend, first get to know the person. It will save you a lot of heartache in the future.