How To Save The Child From Ill Effects Of Television

effects of watching tv on childrenToday, the favourite pass time of children is watching television. Maximum free time of the children is spent in front of the television. Television has changed the scenario in every home more than source of entertainment it has become a way of life.

Every house posses a television set and television viewing is most easy source of entertainment for the children. Now days almost all the parents have one problem that their child is very fond of watching television and it is getting very difficult to control the viewing hours. Surveys have shown that after school, children spend around four hour in front of the television.

There is no harm in watching television unless and until the viewing hours as well as the viewing channels are controlled. As a parent you must be clearly aware of the ill effects of the television and try to save your child from it.

Cut down your viewing hours

A child will do whatever his parents are doing. If you will watch more television in front of your child it will encourage your child to watch more. Your interest in television will motivate his interest. So, before stopping and pointing him you need to check yourself. If you spend too much time watching television then your stopping him can result in very harmful effects.

It will create confusion in his mind and he may think my parents can watch television and why can’t he do that. Therefore, before cutting down his viewing hours you need to set a good example and watch less television when he is around. Shouting and screaming at him to make him stop watching what you are watching will just put a negative impact on the child and it will just lead to frustration.

Keep the child busy

A child opts to watch television because it is most easily accessible mode of entertainment. Sitting in a cosy sofa, pressing the buttons of the remote, surfing the channels and munching the snacks is the most easy option for the child in his free time. Therefore, you need to make changes in his schedule in such a way that he has less of free time. This can be done by making the child busy in some constructive activity.

Make him join some activity like swimming, dancing, drawing or any other sport according to his interest. These activities can save your child from the ill effects of watching television. Obesity is the most common ill effect of TV viewing. Engage your child in an activity which will involve physical or mental energy, there is no doubt that these activities will result in better development of the child.

Set the time for watching TV

Gone are the days when playing with friends and sibling was considered to be the most desirable activity. All the traditional mode of enjoyment has been replaced by watching TV. There is no child who does not watch TV at all. In order to save your child from its negative effect, shouting and screaming at him all the time to switch off the TV is not right.

effects of tv on kids

It can lead to aggression and frustration among the kids. It is better to plan a schedule and restrict his TV viewing hours. He himself should know when the TV should be switched off. Remember that TV viewing makes the mind and body of the child lazy therefore plan his schedule and restrict his TV viewing hours.

Unsubscribe the adult channels

It is very important to check what the child is watching on TV. Today, there is vast variety of channels available. It is very essential that the child does not watch the adult channels or those channels which are unfit for him. A child cannot understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong for him.

So, it becomes very essential to restrict that stuff which can take his thinking on the wrong track. Make sure that your child does not watch more violent programs as it can make him very aggressive and insensitive. Encourage him to watch educational program which will increase his knowledge.

Spend time with your child

A child may look forward to watch TV because of lack of parental company. If a parent doesn’t spend time with the child and talk to him then he may make TV his friend to kill his time. Talk to your child, take him out for a walk and spend as much time with your child as you can. Make yourself his best company.

The most important thing is to sit with him when he is watching TV. This way you can check what he is watching. TV viewing can teach the child good things as well as bad things. Your guidance can make him absorb the good and positive things shown on the TV. So, spend as much time as you can with the child.

Tell the child about the ill effects of watching excessive TV

A child should be made aware that TV can lead to many physical as well as mental problems. Tell the child that it can affect their eye sight and also lead to obesity which in turn leads to many other health problems. Talking to child can really help the child to decrease as well as plan the TV viewing hours.

This child of today is growing up watching TV only and there is a lot influence of TV on our society. A modern kid has never seen a kite flying in the sky and he has never tried to learn it fly. He finds TV to be better option than these traditional activities.

It is a responsibility of every parent to protect the child from the ill effects of this idiot box and to show him that real entertainment lies in the activities below the open sky. A parent should make the child realise that there are many better things which can replace TV viewing. His exposure to these things can make things better for the child as well as parents.

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