How To Prevent Breast Lumps

How To Prevent Breast LumpsOn average, breast lumps are quite natural and are not a health risk to the woman. Throughout a woman’s life, she experiences discomforts and various types of developments and feelings in her breasts. These start from a very early age, when they actually start developing breasts.

Then during adolescence when most of the growth takes places, a lot of changes also occur and during this phase lumps are quite normal and expected. In addition to that during menstruation a high majority of women feel discomforts in their breasts. Especially during pregnancy, the breasts go through a lot of changes because this is the time when they start preparing the production of milk for when the baby arrives.

It is important for you to understand the nature of breast lumps. Some can be very hazardous to your health as they can be cancerous. If you have a family history of cancers, especially breast cancers, then it is important for you to go for a medical examination at the occurrence of even one lump.

Breast cancer can be easily cured at the very early stages. If you prolong it then depending on the damage, amputation comes into consideration. Breast lumps may not be felt at first; however there are symptoms that suggest the same. These include pain under the arm and sore armpits. In any case it is important for women to understand the nature of breast lumps and take the necessary precautions to prevent them.

Paying Attention to Certain Foods

Tumors also respond to estrogen as such doctors recommend adding one to two tablespoons of flaxseed in your food daily. It will help introduce a form of weak anti-estrogen in the body that will counteract the breast lumps. You will also get omega-3 fats in your body through flaxseed. Beans and whole grain foods are also very important. The former can be a little touch on your gastrointestinal issues; however the body will adapt to it.

They help in fighting breast cancer very effectively and it is best to have them in the form of soup. The latter add fiber to our diet, which is very healthy and beneficial because it helps boost our immunity overall. Since monosaturated fats have been proven to fight and prevent cancer, it is important and very beneficial to have nuts in your diet.

Vitamin A has said to be helpful in helping reduce breast pain and fight breast cancer. You can have it in the form of fruits and vegetables as well as supplements. Citrus fruits, berries of various sorts, and dark green and leafy vegetables are very helpful in fighting breast cancer and preventing lumps from occurring. You should at least one serving of a healthy salad daily to effectively prevent breast lumps.

Using Vitamins and Herbs

Vitamin C and B-complex are natural agents that prevent breast lumps. They are very effective.  It is especially vital and imperative that you have a mineral rich diet because minerals help reduce stress, which in turn is good for preventing breast lumps. To promote breast health you should definitely include herbs like green tea, red clover, and turmeric in your diet. They are naturally born and very effective in promoting healthy breasts.

Exercise for Breast Health

Exercising helps regulate the breast nutrition naturally. It helps regulate the waste out of the breast area and brings in fresh blood with oxygen and nutrients. Obesity is also one of the greatest causes of breast lumps and breast cancer, as such exercising regularly will help you keep your weight under control, hence prevent breast lumps and cancer. In addition to the exercising also makes your immune system stronger and healthier.

How To Prevent Breast Lumps

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For women, if you are looking for exercises for your breasts then it is recommended that you try upper arm exercises like holding your arms straight above your head for a few seconds. If possible push-ups and sit-ups are also a very great tool for enhanced breast health. Exercise also helps in moving the lymphatic fluids in the breast tissue, which prevents in the formation of cysts and breast tumors that may or may not be cancerous.

Self Breast Massage

Massage your breasts yourself. This is very relaxing, healthy, and effective. Massaging the breasts will help you release the toxins from your breasts into your body and gradually out of it. Build up of waste and toxins in the breasts cause breast lumps, and in severe cases breast cancer.

Press on your breast a little from both the top and bottom simultaneously using different pressure from all fingers. Then do the same for the sides. Make sure you massage the entire breast and do the same for the other. Do this for about 30 to 40 minutes at least three times a week. This will help your breasts be extremely healthy and internally clean.

Go Bra-Less

Bras have been shown to cause breast cancer and breast lumps. This is because they are designed in a way that reduces the movement of lymphatic breast fluids in and out of them. As such this causes a build up of toxins and is very harmful for the breasts. As such only wear bras when you must and being at home or going to sleep try being without bras.

Get Sunshine but Not Radiation

Vitamin D is very good for breast health. As such go out in the sun and if possible wear a deep neck shirt or t-shirt without a bra so your breasts are directly getting sunshine and vitamin D together. In addition to that avoid radiation exposure as much as you can. Do not go for unnecessary x-rays and such. Visiting the beach is an excellent way of achieving sunshine and vitamin D.


Breast health is very important as such it is your duty to ensure that you do everything it takes to have good breasts. To put it simply, things that we do in our daily life are very helpful in helping us prevent breast lumps and breast cancer. You just need to take a few extra measures to ensure better health of your breasts.

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