How to Prepare For Indian Bank Exams

Indian Bank ExamsAre you making preparation for upcoming Indian bank exams but facing some difficulty in making the best study plan to score good marks in the qualifying examination in order to get your score card. Hopefully, you will be facing some problem on the preparation method of your examination. Well! Indian bank exam cracking is not a very challenging task for those guys who’re serious and hard working in their studies.

If a student makes a proper study management plan for Indian bank examination preparation definitely he or she can crack the exam with the best and thorough study of main section covering in the examination for continuous 3 months only.

Tips For Indian Bank Exams Preparation

Sections Covered in Indian Bank Exams

Indian bank exams uses to cover questions from the sections like Current Affairs, Quantitative Aptitude, English Vocabulary, Computer skills and Verbal reasoning. To crack an Indian bank examination, the aspirant needs to quality all the sections with at least minimum qualifying marks which are decided on the bank authority according to the standard of paper.

Indian Bank Exams pattern

To make best preparation for Indian bank exams, it is better for you to first view the structure of examination in order to become familiar with the upcoming pattern and number of questions that will be covered in different sections.

Marking System of Indian Bank Exams

Indian bank exams generally comprise of 5 sections which are mentioned earlier and each section weights 40 marks. In this manner, the candidate needs to solve question paper having 200 questions weighing total 200 marks in time duration of 2 hours. Students are advised to be cool and conscious while attempting answers of any question because Indian bank exams deducts 0.25 marks for every wrong answer while awards 1 mark to the candidate for every correct answer. However, if a student left any question blank then he is neither awarded nor receives any deduction of marks for that question. Hence for the student to score maximum, it is best to leave any question un-attempted instead of marking it wrong in case he is not aware of that question.

Some Useful Tips for Indian Bank Exam Preparation

If you’re preparing yourself for Indian bank exams, you must buy the Kiran publication book for competitive banking exams as well as must solve the question that usually comes in the monthly issue of Kiran’s magazine.

indian bank exams preparation

You must make a collection of latest magazines of around last 6-8 month before the date of examination for studying current affairs section because the questions on current affairs usually comes from last six moths recent happenings and event only in Indian bank examination.

Tips to Prepare For Other Sections of Bank Exams

For the Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude, student must prefer R.S Agarwal as many times the test maker due to lack of time directly copy the same question given in this book practice test without making any changes. For the preparation of Computer section, student can download fundamentals of computer from internet too which is almost sufficient for this section. For English Language, students need to put stress on the English grammar, Vocabulary, tenses sentences, active and passive voices like topics because question from these sections usually comes in Indian bank exams.


If you making planning for Indian Bank Exams, you must first revise the pattern of exam and then start reading requisite books and magazines to achieve your target.

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