How To Make Your Honeymoon Trip Successful

make Honeymoon Trip SuccessfulHoneymoon is the best part of life. This is the time when “love is in the air”, the couples are mesmerized by the passion and warmth of togetherness and the enthusiasm to finally settle down in life with the person you love.

No matter whether you are in a live-in relationship or in a long affair or you are a born flirt, getting married is a different feeling altogether. Thus the first romantic and exciting step towards this exuberant feeling is “honeymoon”. Much different from any of the short outings you have been to with your love of life or no matter how many days you have stayed together, but honeymoon is an excitement forever and unparallel.

Things keep on popping up in the minds of the honeymoon couples about what to do, where to get, how to make it a memorable life-time experience.

Thus, all the necessary arrangements for the desired destination, hotel booking, transportation and reservation costs and many other things that are required to be taken along with are indispensable for making a romantic honeymoon successful.  The convenient way to be assured that you have not missed anything is to prepare you own check-list.

Important things to consider while going for honeymoon

While planning a honeymoon tour, some of the important things you must consider in planning your destination as well as making it successful are some of the most cardinal factors which are discussed below.

In selecting a destination, always consider the climate of the place. Decide if that is suitable for you. If you select a destination that has a  chilled weather, which might also fall below the freezing point at times, think if you and your spouse could cope with that climate or not.

In case you are an asthma patient, avoid such a place as there is no point in panting for breathes in every step and carrying cartoons of S.O.S drugs in a honeymoon trip. Select a warmer and comfortable place instead which will be a much romantic option.

Another important thing to consider while going for honeymoon is how long your period of vacation is. In case you get a week off from your work than never plan for a trip to any distant destination that might take a lot of time to reach. Capitalize more on the number of days you stay at a destination by selecting a closer by destination that will require lesser time on the vehicle and more time on the spot.

Get all the necessary informations on the honeymoon destination you have fixed up, such as the accessibility to that place, the frequency of communication to and from that place, the climatic changes of that area, so that you do not land up in any unexpected situation. Most important is to have an idea of the safety of the destination, along with the safety and security of the resort you have planned to stay in.

Before you start off with your journey, make sure that you have scrutinized your house carefully before leaving. Check repeatedly that you have turned off your gas oven, switches of your electrical appliances and there is no electric supply at all that might lead to short circuits while you are away.

Another thing that you must check to see if that is in place is the taps and water supply vents at your home. Check and confirm that you have all your shower, tap heads, etc are turned down, so that there ate no chances of flood when you come back cajoling from your honeymoon with your spouse.

The most crucial thing is that you must be 100% confirmed that you have locked your home properly and removed your valuables to the bank locker before leaving the house. In case if there is a burglar attack, your house and most of your valuables will be saved by this wise decision of yours.

Things to carry

The thing that you would need dearly in your trip is a collection of clothing. These will be some party wears, some formal wears, casual wears and of course some sexy nightwear. Your collection may include shorts, Capri pants, long pants casual T-shirts, pajamas, socks, bras, panty, briefs etc.

In your regular wear collection. If you are visiting a cold country, do not forget your warm clothing, sweaters and stoles. In case your destination is beach and sands, be sure to carry some sexy beach wear and swimming suits that will drive your better-half crazy. Also, your sunbathing will only be complete if you have a pair of good goggles.

Some of the cosmetics and toiletries that will be essential for “Him” are a complete shaving set that will contain razor, extra cartridges, shaving creams or gel, after shave lotion and anti septic lotions. Other things that both of the couple will require are combs, shampoo, sun protection creams, moisturizers, cleansers and body bars, perfumes and sun tan lotion if you are visiting a beach.

Specially for “Her”, a ready to use depilating cream, toners, facial masks and make up kit comprising of all those essential stuffs you must require in your tour. Some trinkets can also be included, but not the expensive ones.

Medicines are a must in your travel package. Do not forget to carry some of the SOS drugs, cotton, antiseptics, etc. along with those you consume on a regular basis. Mind it, the regular drugs you take might be of cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid or any other thing, must be taken in excess.

Do not forget a few things as shoes and slippers, a small knife, a pair of scissors, a pack of cotton wool, a handy mirror, some cloth clips, a few meters of cloth hanging rope, locks and keys, and two sets of towels.

The most vital thing you need to carry are the documents like your identity proof, your hotel booking or traveling ticket etc.

If it is a foreign destination that you are flying off to, do not forget to carry your passport and credit cards. This shall be accompanied by a small diary containing the necessary name, addresses and contact numbers of the persons who might come in aid in your emergency.