Ways To Make Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Ways To Make Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Strawberry chocolate cake is a lovely cake that can be baked throughout the year and can be cooked in thirty minutes. The only problem with this strawberry chocolate recipe is that you will not be satisfied with a small piece and, you would be craving for more after the cake has melted in your mouth. This strawberry chocolate cake is also loaded with another surprise flavor that of vanilla and this is a three in one flavor cake.

Active cooking time: 20 minutes

Total Cooking time: 30 minutes

Serving Size: 4-6 persons

Recipe Ingredients

Maida-100 gram
Salt less butter-100 gram
Egg-2 numbers
Coco powder-2 tea spoon
Vanilla essence-3 table spoon
Baking powder-1/4 spoon
Powdered sugar-6 table spoon
Boiled milk-1/2 liter
Strawberry custard powder-2 table spoon
Colored candies-for decorating

Recipe Preparation

Eggs Should Be Beaten Using Egg Beater And Made Fluffy

1. Eggs should be beaten using egg beater and made fluffy. Add three spoonfuls powdered sugar to this and using egg beater whisk it once more. Add 100 gram butter to this ingredient and whisk once more to make it fluffy..

2. Filter maida to another bowl. Add baking powder to maida and mix it well using hand. Add beaten eggs to maida mix slowly and stir it using a spoon. Transfer half of the maida mix to another bowl and add vanilla essence to it.

3. In the second bowl that contains maida mix, add coco powder and stir well. Transfer the vanilla maida content to a loaf cake and, transfer the coco maida content to another loaf cake

4. Both the cake loafs should be baked in 100 % power for two minutes and kept aside. Add three spoonfuls powdered sugar, 1/2 liter boiled milk, two table spoonfuls strawberry custard powder to a bowl and mix it together.

5. This should be transferred to a cake loaf and should be baked for fifteen minutes at 60% power. Transfer vanilla cake to a bowl and pour half of the strawberry custard over it. Then keep the chocolate cake over it and pour the remaining strawberry custard over it.

Place The Colored Candies In A Decorative Manner Over Strawberry Layer

6. Grate the chicken over the strawberry layer on top and place the colored candies in a decorative manner over strawberry layer on top. Strawberry chocolate cake is ready for serving.

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