How To Make Any Man Better In Bed

Ways To Make Any Man Better In BedSex is not only one of the most wonderful things to do but also one which is more of a requisite for good health. Along with this, satisfying sex is also needed with love, understanding and respect for a smooth and happy relationship and to discourage infidelity. However, a lot of times you or your partner is not able to give the performance as expected. This makes the life dull and boring.

For men, one of the common concerns is that of performing well in the bed and making their woman happy and content. There are a lot of them who are not able to live up to the expectations of their partner. This relationship guide below will give you the right ways and ideas on how to make any man better in bed and live an electrifying sex life.

Ways To Make Any Man Better in Bed

The Art of Whispering

Art Of WhisperingOne of the best ways in which you can improve the performance of your man in bed is to whisper dirty talks and sweet nothings in his ear. Along with this, make sure you give them the reward as soon as they do something right. This will encourage them better on bed.

This can be in the form of sweet talks and praises to compliment him and boost his ego. Apart from this, you can also whisper in the ear what exactly you want him to do. But ensure it is said in simple and less words rather than babbling about it.

The Benefit of Coaching

As a good example, let’s say just as a football coach guide his team mates to a great victory, you can make them follow some guidelines in the bedroom to get through amazing and outstanding results. According to researchers, coaching is one of the effective techniques that can be done on bed for high performance of men. Positive thinking and reinforcement are some of the ways in which you can achieve this goal successfully. Cheering them on their victory is one of the simple examples here. A step by step guidance will help him through.

Use Brainwashing Technique

Play With Your Breasts During SexNLP also known as neuro- linguistic programming is one of the techniques used by professionals for brainwashing their patients and incurring good habits in them. In simple words it reprograms the brain to work in a positive way. Men can not only try it on themselves but also on their women.

A good way to do is to use words that turns on a woman like ‘pleasure’. On the other hand, women can also use NLP on men in either visual form or through your actions. Giving them the trigger to play with your breasts during sex is one of the many ideas that improve their performance. Get to know about the words that turn him on. These ‘trance’ words will help you further for better outcomes.

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Try to Give Him ‘The Challenge’

Try To Give Him The ChallengeMen love challenges. This is one thing that turns them on completely. Tickle his competitive side and see how well he gets on his feet to make a better impression in bed.

Giving him a challenge will trigger his desire to prove himself. Give him ideas that have an opportunity for him to show his abilities physically rather than with words.

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