How To Lighten Color Treated Hair

How To Lighten Color Treated HairToday, coloring hair has become the latest trend in the fashion world. And most people, both women and men, opt for coloring their hair. But sometimes after coloring the hair you may realize that the color was not as you desired. Don’t get worried because your hair color will fade a bit after drying up completely.

Even after drying out, if your hair color appears too dark, then also you don’t need to panic. Your hair will attain its natural color and texture within a few months. In the meantime, you can try some simple methods that can help you to lighten your hair color without any complexities.

Given below are a few simple tips on lightening your color-treated hair.

How To Lighten Color-Treated Hair:

Use Baby Shampoo

When you discover that your hair has turned too dark as a result of color-treating your hair, you should choose a good-quality baby shampoo and shampoo your hair twice or thrice. If you find baby shampoo too hard for your hair then you can use lemon-scented dishwashing soap for washing your hair.

Use Baby ShampooAfter washing your hair, allow a small section of your hair to dry up. If it is still too dark then you will have to take some more measures to lighten your color-treated hair.

Use Hot Water For Washing Your Hair

Rinsing your color-treated hair with hot water will help you in lightening your hair color. Water used should be well tolerable by your hair and scalp. Don’t use very hot water to avoid scalp scaling. When you wash your hair with hot water, your hair shafts will open up and the shampoo used will extract some of the hair dye.

Use Hot Water For Washing Your HairThis will make your color-treated hair appear lighter. Washing your hair with hot water will also allow your hair shaft to remain open even after getting dry. This will enable it to eliminate some more hair dye naturally.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2

Repeating the above two steps on the second day will help you to lighten your color-treated hair further. If you still do not get the desired effect then you should proceed with the following steps.

lighten your colorUse Clarifying Shampoo

Washing your hair with a good-quality clarifying shampoo will also aid in lightening the color-treated hair. Clarifying shampoos are made with the purpose of removing oil build up caused by regular styling or any styling gels from your hair.

Use Clarifying ShampooYou should gently massage your hair with clarifying shampoo beginning from the hair roots and proceeding towards the hair ends. Rinse your hair and repeat this process again to get maximum benefit. These shampoos contain higher acidic level, which helps in pulling the last bits of loose hair color. This entire process will help you in getting lighter hair color.

Use A Moisturizing Conditioner

It may be essential to use a good-quality moisturizing conditioner after following the above mentioned steps because hair may get frizzy after the use of hot water and repeated use of shampoo.

Use A Moisturizing ConditionerYou can obtain this type of conditioner from your local salon.

Deep Oil Conditioning

Using deep oil hair conditioning will also contribute in lightening your color-treated hair.

Deep Oil ConditioningConsult A Hair Color Specialist

If the above steps do not yield good result in your case then you may consult an experienced hair color specialist.

Consult A Hair Color Specialist

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