How To Lift Sagging Breasts Naturally

Ways To Lift Sagging Breasts NaturallySagging breasts have become a matter of great concern for majority of women. A number of reasons can trigger sagging of breasts. Skin tend to lose its elasticity with advancing age and hence women tend to experience sagging breast after the age of 30 or so. Women with big breast also face the problem of sagging breast as the weight of the breast tends to pull it further down. There is nothing much you can do about this, but certain precautions and tips will help you prevent and firm sagging breasts.

A number of breast uplifting surgeries and other forms of treatment are available for breast lifting. But these are really expensive and has some amount of side effects also. So it is best to stick to natural methods of lifting breasts.

Right Kind Of BraFor starters, it is very important that you pick the right kind of bra for yourself. Most women tend to pick fancy looking bras which do not help keep breast in place and also loses its elasticity fast. Pick a a good quality bra with good elasticity and which keeps your breast in place and firm. It should not be very tight and should be comfortable for you.

Wear a bra all the time and take it off only before going to bed. Ensure that you wear a good quality sports bra while working out. This is because breast tends to sag while working out especially while jogging, skipping a rope etc. Using the right kind of bra indeed helps a great deal in preventing the breast from sagging and also helps keep the breast firm and intact.

JoggingSome forms of exercises also works well in firming the breast. Push ups helps a great deal in strengthening the chest muscles and helps lift sagging breasts naturally. You can also try working out with a pair of dumbbells.


Push UpsAll you have to do is take two dumbbells in hand and stretch your hands towards your sides and then move it up and down. Bench press also works well for lifting sagging breasts and is also very good for the arms. Include these exercises to your workout routine to prevent your breast from sagging and to lift sagging breast.

Breast MassageKeeping the skin moisturized at all times is a must for lifting sagging breasts. Massage your breast using some essential oils or a rich moisturizing body lotion like cocoa butter etc. to retain the elasticity of the skin. The breast tends to sag due to loss of elasticity. The only way to retain elasticity of sagging skin is by moisturizing the skin on a regular basis. So make sure that you massage your breast at least two times a day to lift sagging breast.

Balanced DietIndulge in a healthy and well balanced diet to keep your skin’s elasticity intact. Plenty of fruits and vegetables is a must in your diet. High fiber foods and adequate amounts of lean meat also helps keep skin healthy and increases the elasticity of the skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Follow these tips to lift sagging breast naturally.

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