How To Leave A One-Sided Relationship

How To Leave A One-Sided RelationshipIt is a nice feeling to be in a relationship. You would love to be held close by someone you love and admire. You are always above the world thinking of the person you are so deeply in love with. What if you discover quite suddenly that you are having a false notion about the person and that he or she is not what you thought him or her to be?

It is a great pain realizing this bitter truth that yours is not true love but a one-sided affair. You might have been head over heels in love but your partner had some other intention throughout. The only way left for you is to quit, though it is a very difficult as well as painstaking decision. Here are some ways you can try out.

Say ‘No’ To Your One-Sided Affair

The first thing you do is say ‘no’ to your so-called lover. Tell him how you have learnt about the truth and hate to carry on with a one-sided affair. He might try to win you back but it is time you decide what you want. Do you really want to go on with a person who doesn’t love you or do you want to walk out. Saying this is easier but you should be bold and announce the end of the relationship.

Gather Your Strength

The next thing that you need to do is gathering your strength and say ‘no’ to yourself and this relationship. It is a painful task to move away from your lover but do you really have a choice? Yes, this is the way you need to look at things.

Tell yourself how you have been hurt at the discovery that it has been a one-sided affair and promise not to go on with it. You are an individual who has self-respect and cannot let anyone play with your feelings.

Ignore All Calls And Emails

The next thing you should do is ignoring all his calls and emails. Your lover might try to convince you with some sweet words but you have to be rigid once you learn the truth. Leave all his mails unanswered or better still delete them without even reading.

You may often receive calls from him but be sure you never reply. Once you have let him know that you have learnt the truth, you need to hold on to yourself. He will keep on trying until one day he quits. If you feel this to be too difficult change your contact number.

What If You Yourself Want To Step Out?

Well this has been the perspective of a lover after his or her discovery about her one-sided affair, what if you personally feel that you are not in love with someone? Yes, you will not feel sad to leave a one-sided affair. Once you realize this truth about yourself be honest to confess it.

Speak openly to your partner freely and say why you want to stop moving ahead with this relationship. Your partner will have difficulty to accept this but it is your duty to do the same. We have discussed the problem from both the sides and this will hopefully be of much help to you.

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