How To Improve The Organizational Ethical Climate

How To Improve The Organizational Ethical ClimateIn these highly charged times where achieving higher sales figures is topmost on the minds of all organizations, it is very important for organizations to follow an ethical path to conduct business in a manner that is morally and legally correct.

Here are 5 ethical tips on how to improve the organizational ethical climate in your own organization to conduct business without any apprehension in the workplace.

Lay Down The Code Of Ethics In Writing

Instead of simply implying what you expect out of your employees or colleagues, you should lay down the code of ethics in writing to prevent any misunderstanding. You should mention that this code is to be adhered to at all times and that you would take strict action against employees that break this code. You need to point out consequences and show all employees that you are a leader that expects them to follow ethical business practices at all times.

Lead By Example

If you have laid down the terms for ethical business behavior and do not follow the same rules in principle or practice, then your employees too will simply ignore them. In addition, they will also lose all respect for you since your stance will only be perceived as a hypocritical one that lays down two sets of rules within the same organization.

You should thus lead by example and point out steps taken by you in order to preserve the ethical integrity of your organization to ensure that they look up to you and react in the same way when faced with a similar dilemma.

Collect Feedback From Disgruntled Employees

If a few employees are not happy with the organizational ethical climate in your company then instead of merely forcing them to toe the line, you should allow them to express their sentiments so that you know the exact reason behind their negative attitude. This move will soothe ruffled feathers and help work out a solution that benefits everyone involved while sticking to the basic concept of your ethical codes.

Educate Your Employees While Auditing And Modifying The Ethical Codes

In these fast-changing times, you will need to review your code of ethics to incorporate new codes as well as change or eliminate outdated ones without affecting the core values that prop up your organization. In addition, you should also educate your employees at regular intervals to remind them that they need to adhere to your prescribed ethical codes as well as conduct regular internal audits to find out loopholes and plug them quickly.

Allow For Secret Inputs From Your Employees

There might be employees present in your organization that could have witnessed unethical behavior amongst their colleagues or immediate bosses but might be too afraid to speak against such practices.

You can encourage secret inputs through anonymous letters or emails while assuring employees that their identities would be protected at all times. This will encourage employees to speak out against unethical practices without fear of rebuttal or retribution.

Each organization is bound to face tough competition from within and outside but that is no excuse for indulging in unethical behavior. You too should enforce and monitor the code of ethics in your organization to improve the organizational ethical climate in your workplace on a continued basis.

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