How To Impress The Girl Of Your Dreams

How To Impress The Girl Of Your DreamsNo matter how smart or handsome a guy is, there is one question that always haunts him- How do I impress the girl I like? They keep on thinking about the perfect ways to woo the girl of their dreams! Also, he might think about the tips that will help him in developing some interest from her side. The best part to note here is that there are some traits and likes that are common to all girls.

This will help you know how to behave like that ideal gentleman is front of her and build in that connection. There are some simple tips that will help you take off her feet completely! Following these tips and suggestions will make life a lot easier for you when it comes to dating and impressing a girl. However, compatibility is one of the major factors that strongly influence any kind of relationship.

But once you are able to develop it to a certain extent, some other tips might prove to be really helpful in the long run. Here is the best guide that you can get your hands on where making a long lasting impression is concerned-

Magical Tricks To Woo The Girl Of Your Dreams

Don’t Try To Leave An Impression

The first step that a guy should strictly follow to impress the woman of his life is not to impress her. Sounds funny? No! If a girl gets the hint that you are trying to leave an impression, it is the biggest turn off factor! Don’t shift from your original self and authenticated personality. Showing off is one trait that a girl simply hates in her man.  This will also force the girl to categorize you in the negative sense. Nothing can prove to be more successful and magical than ‘being yourself’ when you are with ‘her’. This is one of the best tips that you can get up your sleeves to leave a long lasting impression. She will definitely adore you for this!

The Wonders Of Being Well Dressed

The fact is that women tend to always fall for guys who are well dressed and groomed. Unhygienic and dirty guys are something that girls prefer to stay away from. Some tips to follow when you are meeting her includes- polished shows, tied up laces, properly combed hair, well-ironed clothes, wearing a wrist watch and the use of a nice fragrance that attracts her.

Along with this you should also keep in mind that the pants are in place that is generally something that we don’t get to see nowadays! Use a waist belt for that purpose. Girls simply hate wannabe guys. Some of the other factors that falls within the definition of being ‘well-groomed’ are hair cut, well-shaven, proper shower, clean teeth and good body smell and fresh breath. It is not only important to behave as a gentleman but equally imperative to look like one.

Importance Of Showing Courtesy And Respect

Impress The Girl Of Your Dreams

Courtesy and respect are the two key factors that every girl expects out of her dream guy. Therefore, if your aim is to impress her without any hassles then try and enhance these two traits within yourself before you approach her. There is hardly any girl who doesn’t like to be respected by her guy. Not only is it significant to treat them with courtesy, but other around you as well. This will make them believe in the fact that you are a good guy and will never ever disrespect her.

Some simple actions to show courtesy is to pull the chair for her, open the gate for her, show her the way and ask her about her favorites before deciding on anything even something as simple as ordering food. These traits will help you a long way to get the girl of your dreams.

Be a Good Listener

One of the best traits of a gentleman is to be a good listener. One of the favorite hobbies of women is to talk about themselves. Here you have to make use of your good patience levels and listen to what she has to say. There is no harm is initiating a topic or a conversation, but let her do the rest. Answer her with simple statements. The magic is to show her that you want to know more about what she likes rather than telling her what your likes and dislikes are.

The Art Of Complimenting

Women love when a guy compliments them! This also shows that the guy is noticing there efforts. Nothing can impress or warm a girl’s heart than the simple compliments that you give her. But don’t over do it as it might have serious repercussions when you don’t.

Confidence Plays A Key Role

A confidence guy can only learn and follow the art of impressing a girl successfully. Girls have a soft corner for those who are full of self-confidence compared to those who don’t. It is very important to show that you are comfortable with her. There should be no space for nervousness or stammering. Don’t let the fear of rejection let you down. Maintaining an eye contact with her all the time is one of the best ways to show how confident you are about yourself as well as about her. This tip will surely help you attract your ‘girl’ and lead to a successful relationship with her.

Don’t Be Desperate

Keeping a physical distance for some time is necessary. Showing early signs of physical intimacy shows nothing but desperation from the guy’s side. This is another turn off factor that women simply hate. First few meetings should be just to show her how important she is for you.

Bring Out The Romance In You

Romantic guys are something that girls just can’t resist even if they want to! Buy gifts for her, giver her flowers and chocolates, take her for romantic movies and dinners to show how romantic you are as a guy. These simple and not-to-hard tips and suggestions will definitely help you in impressing your girl and get a beautiful relationship out of your efforts!

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