How To Have An Intercourse On First Night Of Marriage

Ways To Have An Intercourse On First Night Of Marriage

Marriage night sex or first night sex is always filled with nervousness for couples and they would also feel hesitation for undertaking it due to many questions that they would like to get answered. Couples who have not known each other well before marriage would be feeling embarrassed of having sex on the first night of marriage when compared with couples who have known each other well.

The wedding night should be considered as the most significant period in a couple’s life and what happens in this night would be imprinted in the minds of couples forever. This article focuses on tips for newlywed couples and for those who are getting ready to be married about first night sex. This article also focuses on tips to make your wedding night memorable.

Ambience Is The Key To First Night Sex

Ambience Is The Key To First Night Sex

Couples should understand that in first night, sex can happen or cannot happen. The first thing that couples should do is to relax in each other company and make sure that the nervousness is controlled. Couples may be feeling excited also at the prospect of staying together for the first time and the ambience is important for first night sex .If you have taken a room at a motel that is heavily crowded the chance of you enjoy first night sex is very slim. Couples should be looking at taking a room at hotel that is secure and not too crowded so that they can just enjoy spending time together to build the base for first night sex.

Connect Emotionally With Wife For  first Night Sex

Connect Emotionally With Wife For First Night Sex

Husband should be initiating the first night sex by not grabbing his wife and pushing her to bed. Instead he should bide his time and he should make sure that his wife is relaxed .He should begin by describing what he likes about his wife’s beauty and he should make sure that he is not using sexy expressions. Instead he should be concentrating on her eyes, lips, teeth, neck and hair, which are generally considered as non sensitive areas for praising.

Husband should be connecting emotionally with wife before trying first night sex and should give hints that he is getting aroused in her presence. He can ask politely if he can enjoy her without causing pain which would make a shy girl nod in delight and an aggressive girl to jump with you straight into bed and enjoy first night sex.

Slowness Is The Mantra For First Night Sex

Slowness Is The Mantra For First Night Sex

It is very easy for couples to get excited about the prospect of having first night sex and they would be trying to finish it of quickly. The real answer is that to enjoy first night sex ,couples should be in slow mode process and should be enjoying each other taking time to understand each other body and reassure each other that they are getting aroused in each other’s presence.

Couples should be following the wonderful sex acts of kissing, caressing, hugging and fondling as part of physical attraction before jumping to first night sex. Kissing and caressing should be done with clothes on to prolong the sexual act and have an enjoyable first night sex.

Husbands should be showing characteristics of patience, unselfishness and self control to satisfy woman in first night and they should never resort to cave man antics as that can lead to repulsion in woman. The key to success in first night sex is to have a mentality where by which husbands would be keeping aside their feelings and emotions and would be giving importance to only wives feelings.

Get Active To Have The First Night Sex

Get Active To Have The First Night Sex

Woman would be feeling shy about opening out their feelings and about their body and they would be resisting first night sex. Woman should be able to show maturity to listen to their body and should never consider it as her duty to please her husband in first night. She should rather consider her duty to enjoy the body of her husband and go behind it with all gusto rather than being timid.

Woman should be practice stretching their vaginal and pc muscles before marriage to reduce the pain of intercourse after marriage. If you are having fear when [email protected] is entering your vagina, grab his hand and shoulders to slow down the process and start again without causing fear to your husband.

Get Connected To Have Enjoyable First Night Sex

Get Connected To Have Enjoyable First Night Sex

Couples should be showering before they plan for first night sex. It is better to create a romantic atmosphere in bathroom with just candle as the only source of light and let the couples enjoy bubble bath in this candle light. That can relaxes both the couples and would prepare an atmosphere for first night sex. If couples are religious, they can thank God for uniting them once again and that will also help to relive the stress that would be in each other’s mind.

Will It Cause Pain For The First Time?

Proper Lubrication By Good Intense Foreplay

The common question that couples would be having is that whether sex would cause pain and the answer is that first sex can cause pain to woman and sometimes would lead to some bleeding by breaking of hymen. Husband should be ensuring that entering vagina should be done without thrusting too much and only after proper lubrication by good intense foreplay. Husband can resort to using artificial lubricant to relieve pain. Couples should not be concerned about premature ejaculation and not getting orgasm as this is first night sex.

First Night Sex Is Not Only Intercourse But Outercourse Also

Try Safe Sex Options To Avoid Infections

There would be apprehension in certain couples in having intercourse or first night sex and those couples can resort to Outercourse to spice up relationship. They can also resort to massages that would relieve the pressure and if couples get the right moment, they can have the intercourse.

Couples should understand that rules about sex are impossible and should be trying to communicate openly to understand each other’s feelings and try positions that may suit their physique. Couples can try safe sex options to avoid infections and should clean themselves after having sex. It is easier to go to sleep immediately after first night sex but couples should make efforts to spend some quality time together before sleeping.

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