5 Ways To Grow Nails Fast

Ways To Grow Nails Fast

It is said that long and strong nails add to the beauty of a woman. A good image is projected when hands and nails are used while speaking. Whether a woman likes long nails or not, she definitely wants that her nails grow fast, especially after a bad manicure session. Normally, nails grow about one-eighth part of an inch per month. Nail growth is affected by many factors like nail care and diet. Some women have thin and frail nails that break easily due to many reasons. Such women really find it very difficult to grow nails fast and strong.

Some women also have nail biting habits, which keeps their nails short. Such women also wish that their nails grow fast. Nails are composed basically of keratin, a protein. Same protein is contained in hairs also. Growth of nails occurs at the moon shaped area that is located at the base of nail. Some people also call it as growth plate. As nails grow, cells located in the matrix multiply, become mature and ultimately die. After death, these are filled with protein matrix, which makes them hard and tough. As said, growth of nails depends upon many factors.

However, there are certain steps that can be taken for ensuring fast growth. In some cases, it is also noticed that nails on one hand grow faster than nails on another hand. Growth of nail depends upon length of finger also. Growth of nails is fast when fingers are long and vice versa. Time of year and age are other two factors that affect growth of nails. It is said that nail grow fast in people under the age of 30 years. Similarly, during summer, growth of nails is fast.

5 Steps For Growing Nails Fast

Lemon Massage To Grow Nails Fast

Since nails are composed of protein fibers, it is very necessary that diet rich in proteins is consumed. Some of the richest sources of proteins include meat, egg, beans, tuna fish, cheese and milk. Regular intake of these substances ensures not only fast growth of nails but also nails become stronger. Similarly, vitamins and minerals are also important for growing nails fast. Vitamin C, vitamin E and Biotin are considered as very useful for growing nails fast. Biotin is good of having healthy hairs also. Since biotin acts at the base of nails, nails grow fast and stronger. Two other vitamins that play important role in growth of nails are vitamin B6 and Niacin.

Orange Juice To Grow Nails Fast

These two vitamins are also necessary for cell growth in the body. For growing nails fast, lemon massage can also be done. Since lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, its massage helps in increasing blood circulation at the base of nails, as a result of which, oxygen and other nutrients reach nail matrix easily. Adding jojoba oil or almond oil to lemon juice also helps in growing nails fast. These two oils have proven effect and are being used for centuries by women across the glove. Similarly, soaking the nails in orange juice for ten minutes also stimulate nail growth, as this juice is rich in folic.

Drink More Water To Grow Nails Fast

Drinking good quantities of water also help in growing nails fast. In a day, at least seven to ten glasses of water should be consumed for supporting metabolic processes taking place in the body. Drinking good quantities of water also helps in having flawless skin, which adds to overall beauty of a person. Growth of nails is also related to metabolic rate. Thus, all steps should be taken for increasing the metabolic rate.

For example, drinking large quantities of water, eating adequate and healthy diet and exercising regularly helps in increasing the metabolic rate. Since babies have higher metabolic rate than adults, their nails grow faster as compared to adults. Sometimes, due to certain diseases and health disorders, nails do not grow fast. Thus, it is necessary that required tests are conducted for finding any sort of disease that affects growth of nail. For example, if a person is suffering from thyroid, anemia or some kidney disorders, it is very likely that his nails would grow slow.

Soaking Nails In Soapy Water

Regular and proper care of nails is also necessary for fast growth. Manicure and pedicure are two processes that stimulate growth of fingernails and toenails respectively. During these processes, cuticles are pushed back, which helps in growth of nail. However, cuticles should be pushed back in a gentle manner. Soaking nails in soapy and warm water also helps in pushing back cuticles, as scraping on the nail bed is reduced considerably.

Cuticles must not be cut, as doing this can damage the root. If root is damaged, nail can die. It is generally recommended that wide and square shape of nails should be chosen for manicure and pedicure, rather than oval and pointed shape. While shaping nails, extreme care should be taken. Nails are always shaped from outside edge towards the middle part. For shaping, emery board should be moved in one direction only. Back and forth movements of emery board must be avoided at all costs, as it damages nails severely.

By keeping the nails moisturized and conditioned, nail growth can be promoted. For this purpose, hand cream can be used. Oily nail polish remover also helps in conditioning nails. Use of nail polish helps in preventing tearing or splitting of nails and thus, enhances nail growth.

Oil Massage To Grow Nails Fast

Oil massage is also conducive to fast growth of nails. For application, one-fourth cup of almond oil, two teaspoons of apricot kernel oil, five drops of germanium essential oil and two drops of essential rose oil are mixed. This mixture can be stored in a dark colored bottle. Nail bed should be massaged with this mixture once a day for encouraging nail growth. Some other essential oils that help in fast growth of nails are lavender oil, evening primrose oil, and horsetail oil. Some herbs like green tea and seaweed also helps in growing nails fast.

A nail growth soak can also be prepared at home for ensuring fast growth of nails. This soak is prepared by adding one-fourth cup of organic honey, one-fourth cup of organic coconut oil and four drops of rosemary essential oil. All these ingredients are mixed in a bowl and rubbed on cuticles and nails at night before going to bed for stimulating nail growth.

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