How To Give Birth To A Baby Boy

Ways To Give Birth To A Baby BoyThe most important topic of discussion among a couple, when the woman gets pregnant is, whether a girl child is waiting inside the womb or a baby boy? It might sometimes be the case that the husband and wish for a beautiful little girl and they discover a baby boy have taken birth. Although it is not that heart paining to see something contrary to the one wished when it comes to giving birth to own kids, but still, sometimes it leads to discontent as well. Moreover, would be parents longing for a baby boy to carry forward their name may also get a baby girl in stead. This is something we consider as God’s wish and Nature’s wish, in which we have hardly anything to do at all. As a result we remain happy with what we get.

But, an exciting and interesting thing to know is that there are certain ways by which the chances of giving birth to a baby boy increase. In spite of the fact that it is not a scientific method but still superstitious do have some scientific base. Added to it, the theory has been propounded by many skilled people in the field and through practical experiences too.

Theory Behind Child Birth

The theory behind the birth of babies of different sexes can be understood by the chromosomal theory. A woman only carries a X-chromosome while a man has both X and Y chromosomes. When the X chromosome of a man meets an X chromosome of a woman, a baby girl takes birth.  Similarly, when the X chromosome of the woman and a Y chromosome of a man react, a baby boy takes birth in the process. Thus the X chromosomes of a female or a male is termed as female sperm and the Y chromosome is known as the male sperm.

Another important thing is that while the female sperms or the X chromosomes are very hardy and can survive more, the Y chromosomes are weak, light and weaker in longevity.

But an important thing to understand is that though short lived but the Y chromosomes are fast movers and swim faster to reach the female tract and fertilize with the X chromosome. On the contrary the X chromosomes are slow movers in spite of being strong and long lived.

Hence, we have to consider these important factors and try to regulate the chromosomes by taking advantage of the situations to achieve our desired results.

Steps To Be Taken To Try To Conceive Boy Child

Various ways have been provided by various sexologists, gynecologists and traditional theories also. Let us understand some of these.

Time Of Ovulation

Time Of OvulationUnderstanding and having a definite idea of the woman partner’s time of ovulation is one of the most important factors that regulate this process. If the couple knows the exact time of ovulation, then it is advised to abstain from physical intercourse within 12 hours to 4 days of the ovulation period.

This is the time the X chromosomes in the woman are the most active. Thus whenever a man’s X chromosome and a Y enters the tract both X’s will react, giving birth to a girl. Moreover, during these days the X chromosome survives very well. Only after estimated 4 days they die slowly and their intensity reduces.

After these 4 days when the male and the female enters into an intercourse, though both the Y and X chromosomes enter the feminine tract, but being more slow moving, the Y chromosome or the male sperm  reacts faster with the female sperm.

Thus try to figure out the exact ovulation period of the female by having a track of the date when your last menstruation cycle began and how long did it last. Now the woman needs to examine the mucus that is secreted from her cervix. This mucus is generally a bit thicker in constituency and whitish in color. But just before the ovulation period it becomes slippery and watery with more liquid form. From that time onwards, keeping a regular and careful record will mark the exact ovulation time.

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Conditions That Encourage Y Chromosomes

There are certain conditions and dietary regulations that assist in the increased production of male sperm or Y chromosomes ad compared to X chromosomes o female sperms, secreted by the man during intercourse.

Since the Y chromosomes are very fragile and weak as compared to the X chromosomes, so a man should abstain from alcohol or smoking, quiet sometimes before he plans an intercourse with his female partner. Consumption of alcohol or smoking is liable to destroy the Y chromosomes.

Wearing too tight undergarments also proves to be detrimental to the health of Y chromosomes. So the man should restrict himself from wearing such undergarments few days before sexual encounter. It has been seen that too much intake of caffeine has proved good for the health of Y chromosomes. So drink more of coffee and consume more of cocoa enriches chocolates for sometimes before planning sex to increase the vigor of Y chromosomes.

Influence Of Sexual Positions

Influence Of Sexual PositionsResearches have revealed that sexual positions and postures during an intercourse have a crucial ole to play in planning for a baby boy. It might occur to be ridiculous. But it has a scientific approach in it.  Certain sexual positions offer a deeper penetration, thus enabling the Y chromosome to enter into the female tract more smoothly and easily and react with the X chromosome in the female body.

Some of the popular positions are when the man tool is injected from the back side of the female tract as that of dogs. Another posture where both can face each other but penetration is also deeper is when the woman rides on the man.

Stop SmokingOne more sex position which encourages the penetration to the maximum and ejection of the sperm directly into the fallopian tube is when the man lies on top of the woman. The only difference of this posture from the conventional “missionary posture” is that the woman’s leg’s are placed on the man’s shoulders to allow deep insertion.

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