How To Get An Endorphin Rush

How To Get An Endorphin RushWe survive and strive every moment just to be happy. And, our quench for happiness is never ending. Happiness is an emotion which is very closely associated with the brain. The sense of Euphoria it provides is just amazing.

Remember the times you had physical intimacy with your partner, or when you were in love with someone, surely each time you feel relaxed, happy and contended. This is the feeling brought in by a set of chemicals in the body, called as endorphins.

Endorphins resemble much to Opiates which are known for their analgesic properties and also for providing enormous Euphoria. Endorphins are morphine like chemicals which make you feel happy and on the top on the world. Endorphins are not just associated with pleasurable moments but also help you to gain back control at the time of crisis. For instance, during emergency situations like injury, pain, emotional distress they stop the synthesis of pain causing factors and enables the body to gain control faster.

Endorphins act as an antidote to the feeling of depression. Whenever you feel low or depressed then your body releases a set of chemicals or hormones called as Endorphins. These help you to revive your energies and are a natural source of pleasure for a human body. The endorphins act as neurotransmitters and directly act on the Central nervous system as well as the Peripheral nervous systems of the body.

The word ‘Endorphin’ was coined by joining the words endogenous and morphine. Endorphins manipulate the pain receptors and hinders in the formation of pain impulses. Endorphin secretion helps you to get rid of stress in seconds. Also, the synthesis of endorphins in sufficient amounts is necessary for the overall well being of the body.

The endorphins were discovered way back in 1975. They are known to give instant relief from the pain and also improve the immunity level of the body. By reducing the amount of stress they promote a good mental peace and health. Endorphin rush is perhaps the best way of fighting stress and ensures physical and mental fitness. The feeling created by the endorphins is so strong that a person may get addicted to doing things which results in to endorphin rush in the body.

The secretion and the amount of endorphins directly control the feelings of a person. The more is the amount of Endorphins in the blood, the better and happier a person feels. The endorphin synthesis takes place exactly at three places in the body – the pituitary gland, the brain and the Spinal Cord. The endorphins are popularly referred to as the ‘Feel good’ factors. Endorphins act as neurotransmitters by giving the signals to the brain and the Spinal Cord to cut down any fresh pain impulses from being

Now, what matters is how to get this feeling of happiness as and when desired. There are certain activities which stimulate our internal system to synthesize more of endorphins leading to euphoria. Let’s check out the factors which help in generating this amazing “Endorphin rush” in the body.

Regular Workouts

A regular continuous workout is of course the best way of keeping yourself healthy and it has got a lot more to it. When you workout continuously for a long time, the body starts secreting endorphins. Endorphin rush during workouts happen when you primarily do muscle related exercises.

Once the body starts depending on the stored glycogen for energy, then you feel a slight pain in the muscles due to lactic acid accumulation. To reduce the pain immediately, the body starts releasing endorphins. That’s also the reason why the endorphins are referred to as the “Runner’s high”. The athletes are able to sustain such high physical strain only because of endorphin rush.

During Relaxation

Another point where there is enormous amount of endorphins being produced is when the body is in the state of physical and mental relaxation. The best example could be of a float tank where you are just supposed to lie down and relax. Endorphins play an important role in the mental well being of the body.

During Acupuncture

Acupuncture is all about pricking needles in the body to stimulate the pressure points. In this technique, the endorphins releasing points get activated resulting in more and more production of Endorphins.

How To Get An Endorphin Rush

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That’s the reason a person feels relaxed, light and charged up after the acupuncture technique. Some researchers who have conducted studies on the acupuncture techniques suggest that right after the acupuncture is done; the cerebrospinal fluid becomes very rich in endorphin concentration.

During Sex and Orgasm

Sex of course gives a lot of pleasure. During physical intimacy there is constant flow of endorphins in the blood but especially during orgasm there is sudden endorphin rush in the body which is why that feeling of euphoria comes in.

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when mother is in lot of stress. The foetal placenta releases some endorphins in the mother’s body to help in the proper nutrition transport to the foetus. During pregnancy there is always a huge amount of endorphins in the mother’s blood. The foetal placenta makes the mother’s body dependent on these endorphins.

Out of so many ways discussed for endorphin rush, the exercise is perhaps the best way to get this feel good factor. Lot of people have suggested that exercise is the best tool to stay healthy. In exercise also, certain forms like jogging, walking continuously on the treadmills, squatting, bench press etc. are known to give you a sudden endorphin rush in the body. Within thirty to sixty minutes of these exercises, you feel a very mild euphoria sensation inside. You feel happy and contended. Also, you are able to sleep well in that particular night.

Endorphins also act as mild sedatives. That’s also the reason why men feel sleepy after the orgasm is achieved during sex. The best way to stay healthy is to remain happy and to force your body to release more and more endorphins by doing all that we have discussed so far.

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