How To Feel Pampered During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when your skin becomes clear and hair becomes thick and lustrous. Before you become over confident and head out to the beauty salon, there are some do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind.

Not all beauty treatments are considered safe during pregnancy. So while you go out and pamper yourself there are some beauty thumb rules you will have to adhere to. With these you can pamper your  self safely and beautifully.


Hair colouring is the newest rage in hair styling. However it is important to get a green signal from your doctor. The end of the first trimester is the best time to get your hair coloured. Also highlights are a tad better than a full touch up as the latter entails a lesser absorption of minerals.

Straightening treatments are not particularly harmful but it is better to completely avoid them as your raging hormones may cause your hair to look frizzy post styling. Plus the rapid growth of hair means you will have to go in for another straightening session in a short span of time.

Permanent removal of hair along the chin, upper lip or bikini line with the help of creams or lasers is not recommended and should be avoided till after you give birth. Waxing and tweezing is safe. You are likely to experience more pain with these procedures because of changing hormone levels.


A lot of women who look dull during pregnancy can lighten up their faces with a rejuvenating facial. Facials are safe. However do not go for skin treatments like microdermabrasion and glycolic peels as they may irritate your over sensitive skin. Also treatments that use mild electric currents are a strict no- no. Barring the above, a facial is a great treat for the extra glam look.

Anti wrinkle treatments that use collagen and fillers are not recommended. One can use an anti-wrinkle creams after getting an ok from the doctor. Acne breakouts can be safely treated with the help of mild cleansers, washes and medicated creams as prescribed by the doctor.


There is nothing like a massage to take away the pains and aches associated with pregnancy. But make sure you take the following precautions while taking a massage. Make sure your masseur is qualified in prenatal massage. Wait till the beginning of the second trimester as morning sickness and heartburn may create discomfort during the massage. Relax in the right position and use special chairs designed to give a good prenatal massage. Try some unscented oils for your massage.

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This is because certain fragrances and smells can become offensive to your olfactory senses. Have the masseur rub and massage the right spots while staying away from the ankle and abdomen.

Body treatments, scrubs and wraps are generally safe during pregnancy so you can go ahead and avail of their benefits.

Hands And Feet

Hands and feet do take a beating during pregnancy so it is perfectly ok to go in for a good manicure and a pedicure. However make sure that the room is well ventilated and devoid of oppressive scents. A rigorous massage should be avoided around the ankle area. Make sure that the pedicure and manicure instruments are sterile and clean so as to prevent an infection.

With the above safety measures, women can enjoy the bliss and benefits of a pampered beauty regimen and pregnancy.

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