4 Ways To Enhance Brown Eyes

Ways To Enhance Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are considered as attractive and mysterious. They are able to draw attention of people easily. Very often, brown eyes contain sparkles of some other colors also, which make them more fascinating. By following certain makeup and fashion tips, brown eyes can be made more exciting and attractive. Makeup tips for brown eyes are not as same as for black eyes.Thus, women with brown eyes must be very careful in choosing makeup products so that they do not look awkward. Besides using these products, there are certain other steps that help in enhancing the brown eyes naturally.

For example, it is said that people with brown eyes must drink at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday. This helps in keeping the eyes hydrated and they sparkle naturally. Similarly, for enhancing the beauty of brown eyes, hairs should be tied up. Eye cleansers can also be used for clearing the eyes and enhancing the colors. Since vitamin deficiency makes the eyes dull and cloudy, it is necessary that adequate and healthy diet is consumed.

How To Enhance Brown Eyes

Eye Shadow With Purple Tone

Many types of cosmetic products are available that promise to increase the beauty of brown eyes. These products are readily applied by women for becoming the center of attraction. There is no end to choices when it comes to buying makeup products for brown eyes as fancy and cosmetic stores are loaded with these products. However, not all the shades and products enhance the beauty of brown eyes.

Before choosing any makeup product for brown eyes, their underlying colors should be ascertained. This helps in choosing right product. For example, brown eyes may contain traces of yellow color. If such is the case, an eye shadow with purple or plum tone should be purchased. These contrasting colors are able to prop up eyes in the best possible manner. Similarly, if eyes contain twinges of red, an eye shadow with green tone should be applied. This provides more depth to brown eyes and enhances their beauty perfectly.

As a bottom line, it can be said that people with brown eyes should try to apply eye shadow of opposite colors, with respect to eye tone, for making them attractive. Generally, eye shadows with green, metallic bronze and rich gold tone are considered as perfect for brown eyes. It is not necessary that only one shade of eye shadow should be used. Rather, multiple shades can also be used for increasing the depth of brown eyes. For enhancing the beauty of brown eyes, a lighter shade eye shadow can be applied to crease and eye lids.

This makes brown eyes more highlighted. While applying multiple layers of eye shadow, care should be taken that one shade should be considerably lighter than other shade. This makes eyes more prominent. Similarly, all shades of eye shadow should be applied evenly. Many estheticians believe that applying a darker eye shadow is a blunder. They also believe that while choosing eye shadow for brown eyes, opposite colors should be considered on basis of eye tone. Some commonest opposite colors are orange and blue, red and green, blue and yellow and purple and yellow.

Black Mascara For Brown Eyes

While purchasing eyeliners or mascara for brown eyes, the shade should be selected on basis of underlying eye tone. This helps in making brown eyes more attractive. Similarly, shade of mascara should be based upon the tone of skin. For example, if a woman has dark skin, she must go for dark brown or black mascara. For enhancing brown eyes, it is also necessary that mascara is layered and eye lashes are curled. This helps in making brown eyes more stunning. If eye tone is yellow, purple or rich plum eye lines would be the best to apply.

Similarly, if underlying eye tone is red, dark green eyeliner would be the best option. In a nutshell, it can be said that while choosing eyeliners or eye shadow, basic rule of makeup should be followed. Light colors always highlight and make eyes look larger. On the other hand, dark colors always minimize the eyes and thus, should be avoided. Estheticians have recommended certain combinations of eyeliners and eye shadows that look best on women with brown eyes.

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Pink Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes

For example, dark brown eyes look very beautiful when plum shade eyeliner and pale mauve eye shadow is applied. Similarly, beauty of brown eyes is enhanced when aubergine eyeliner is applied with light pink eye shadow. Other combination that enhances beauty of eyes is raisin eyeliner and soft brown eye shadow. Liquid eyeliners are considered as more effective in enhancing brown eyes. These can be applied over layer of eye pencil for increasing the intensity or under the eye shadow for enhancing the shape of eye.

Women with brown eyes must also be very particular about their clothing. Wearing right types of clothes go a long way in enhancing brown eyes. While choosing clothes, underlying skin tone and hair color should be considered. Skin tone can be found by looking at the veins. If these are blue in color, it means skin tone is cool. If veins are green in color, it means skin tone is warm. Women with warm skin tone and warm or red hair tone should wear golden, brown, deep orange, and camel colored clothes. This helps in making brown eyes more attractive.

Wear Deep Orange Clothes For Brown Eyes

Similarly, women with cool skin tone should wear crimson red, royal blue and lime color clothes for enhancing beauty of their eyes. For propping up eye to the maximum, such women can wear yellow colored outfits with gold earrings. Gold is the most appropriate metal for women with brown eyes. Right way of selecting clothes for brown eyes is to hold them in front of mirror and choosing the ones that make brown eyes more prominent. If hairs of a woman are natural black, it is better if they are died blonde. Similarly, it should be tried to apply a deeper shade lip color, as it is able to pull color focus from the eyes. It also makes brown eyes look lighter and beautiful. Berry and red are the perfect shades for women with brown eyes.

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