How To Embed Black YouTube Player In Your Webpages

The change in YouTube video embeds is quite new and many people are ignorant about this. But if you are a regular visitor to YouTube you might have noticed the all black features.

Previously it was just a rumour that the site is testing to launch a black theme for its video player but now it has become the official skin of the same. If you are not a devotee of grey video players then you can choose from the four colours offered by YouTube for embedding into the videos before publishing.

The black player is now made the default skin for YouTube videos i.e., if you are embedding a video it is automatically going to choose the black skin for itself.

Just like Google, its parent company, this site too seems to be the biggest fan of black as you might have observed that Google on its search page have already introduced a black bar with a red indicator for the category you are currently using.
However, if you are bored seeing this all black feature can simply add some embedded codes and switch to a grey bar for your player and this process is not at all complicated.

The ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ are the two primary options provided by YouTube as far as the colour of the skin is concerned. Under these two options you can choose the progress bar to be either grey or red and thus offers four combinations of these two colours for your player skin.

It is quite limited as options but is definitely going to fascinate the masses utilising the stark contrast. In order to select the colours from the collection of non default options all you need to do is simply add a few parameters in the embedded code for the theme and colour.

Thus, the default setting shows dark theme and red colour where on the progress bar the portion of the video covered is highlighted with red upon the dark black background. If you change the theme to light the bar showing the play and volume tab will turn grey and if you choose ‘desaturated’ or white for the colour it will turn the progress bar grey.

Thus with two colours for the theme and two colours for the progress bar you will get four fascinating combination as your YouTube player skin.

If you plan to display a logo-less player for your viewers, it is important for you to know that YouTube is offering the publishers with disabling option for modest branding. This feature was first launched in June and all you need to do is simply choose the desaturated or white option for your progress bar and the disabling part is taken care of by YouTube itself.

I personally love this black look of the YouTube but there are many regular users who are not satisfied with this default black skin of the player. Now, the question is: are these people going to somehow prefer editing the skin manually to get the conventional look and prevent the designers from changing their default setting?

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