How To Dress Fashionably To Suit Your Body Type

Ways To Dress Fashionably To Suit Your Body TypeDressing well is the key to looking great. Many people however follow fashion blindly and do not take into consideration their figure type when shopping for clothes, not dressing according to your body type can make you look shoddy. By wearing clothes not suited to your figure you will end up highlighting the problem areas in your figure and thereby look fatter than what you actually are.

You must know your body type and dress accordingly if you want to look graceful. This article has useful information to enable you dress well according to your body type. The article gives you useful guidelines which will help you determine your body type. It then highlights the fashion styles to be followed for each body type.

Determine Your Body Type First

Determine your Body Type FirstThe first step to dressing well is to know which body type you belong to. Body types are classified according to the shape of fruits such as apple, pear, banana, etc. You can know your body type by standing in front of a full-length mirror and observing your hips, abdomen, thighs and shoulders carefully. These body areas usually determine your body type. The next step is to know about the classification of different body types.

You have an apple-shaped body type if your upper-body is heavier compared to your hips and thighs. People with apple-shaped body type have broad shoulders and a heavy bust.

People with pear-shaped bodies have fatter lower body when compared to the upper-body. You may have thick thighs and fat hips if you are pear-shaped. This body type is also known as bell-shaped body type.

Those with a bulky body type will have fat abdomen, thick thighs and fat hips.

Hour-glass body type is the most sought after since people with such a body type have proportionate upper and lower body. They have sexy curves and a narrow waist-line making them look hot and sexy.

Once you know your body type you can look for fashion ideas by observing how celebs belonging to your body type dress. This will give you a good idea about what clothes will look great on your figure.

Stylish Outfits To Suit Apple-Shaped Body Type

Stylish Outfits To Suit Apple-shaped Body TypeApple shaped bodies are heavier on the top and hence you must dress cleverly to camouflage this flaw. Avoid wearing tight fitting dark colored tops as these can accentuate your broad shoulders and thick waist-line. If you have an apple-shaped figure you must strictly avoid wearing dresses that stick to your body. Such outfits highlight the flaws in your figure and make you look fat.

You must also avoid wearing topswith low neck that reveal cleavage as these can draw attention to your heavy busts making your figure appear disproportionate. Also, avoid wearing contrasting outfits and stick to monochromatic colors with fewer prints. Wearing multi-colored outfits can instantly draw focus to your large upper body and make your figure flawed.

You must wear flowing outfits in soft materials such as silk, or chiffon. A well fitted tunic top with flared pants will look great on apple-shaped figure. V-neck tops or high-collared tops are also ideal for apple-shaped figure. These will draw the focus away from your broad shoulders and give you an elegant look. Wear well-fitted skinny pants which will accentuate and elongate your legs. This will help draw away the focus from your problematic upper body.

Fashion Trends For Pear-Shaped Figure

Fashion Trends for Pear-Shaped FigurePeople with pear-shaped figure need to wear clothes that will draw the attention away from their fat hips and thighs. Avoid wearing flared pants if you are pear-shaped as these can accentuate your fat thighs. Skinny pants too are a strict no-no for women with pear-shaped bodies. Skinny pants will make your legs appear shorter and make you look stout. You must also avoid wearing short dresses that are tight at the waist. Tight fitting short skirts can highlight your fat thighs and hence are best avoided.

Flowing skirts in soft colors teamed with a well-fitted top with bright colored prints will look ideal on women with pear-shaped figure. The flowing skirts will camouflage your hips and thighs while the bright top will accentuate your upper body. Slim fitting pants are ideal for pear-shaped figures. These should be combined with knee-length tops or tunics which will hide your thick thighs.

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Knee-length tops and tunics are a fashion rage these days and you can wear these to your advantage. You must wear tops with beautiful necklines so that the focus shifts to your upper body and torso. Wearing vertical striped tops can help make you appear taller which will help hide fat thighs and hips. Wear heels to make you look taller. Looking taller is an effective way to make your legs and thighs appear slimmer.

Outfits To Suit Bulky Body

Outfits to Suit Bulky BodyA bulky body type is the most challenging to dress. Since all parts of the body such as abdomen, hips and busts are large, you need to be extra careful in selecting outfits for this body type. You must avoid wearing soft fabrics such as chiffon or lycra since these stick to the body and highlight fat around abdomen area and love handles. Wear single colored outfits in materials such as cotton. Cotton will give your body a good shape and will not highlight fat around abdomen and waist. Wear darker shades such as black, maroon or purple to make you appear slimmer.

Fashion Outfits For Hourglass Figure

Fashion Outfits for Hourglass FigurePeople with an hourglass figure are lucky since almost any outfit will look great on them. Wear tight-fitting tank tops with well-fitted pants. Tank tops are a great way to show off your toned shoulders and arms. Tight-fitting short dresses will highlight your excellent figure and are a must-have in your wardrobe. Wear short skirts to flaunt your sexy legs.

Wearing short tops that show the mid-riff are also a great way to enhance and flaunt your curvaceous waist-line. Since you are blessed with a great figure make it a point to wear well-fitted clothes. Avoid wearing loose flowing outfits as these will not do anything to highlight your sexy figure.

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