How To Do The Spartan 300 Workout

The flick 300 completely blows you out with the sheer intensity of those powerful hair-raising scenes enacted by able-bodied chiseled actors (Gerard Butler, most fetching one of the lot), inspiring scores of us to get into shape. Outlined herewith is a complete lowdown of key exercises for a fabulous chiseled body.

Fat-Busting, Muscle And Endurance Building 300 Spartan Workout 

A taxing workout with every exercise mentioned to be performed without resting periods till the entire batch of 300 repetitions have been completed, hence also known as the 300 Workout.

Chin Ups

Number Of Reps: Twenty-five

Areas Targeted: Upper Body (back, trunk)

Also dubbed as Pull ups, it is a tricky exercise sandwiching the start and conclusion of this workout. It necessitates massive trunk strength performed by clenching duo handles of the chin up bar broader in comparison to shoulder width underneath clutch.

Spartan 300 workout

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Feet are to be hoisted off the floor, back kept erect, inhaling and drawing body in the direction of the chin up bar till chin is aligned with it. Halt for a brief span of time and then slowly revert to beginning pose.

Barbell Deadlifts

Number Of Reps: Fifty (135 pounds)

Areas Targeted: Butt, hams, calf, thigh muscles

An exercise challenging diverse muscle groups while boosting lower body strength. Start off by positioning your shinbones bracing the bar with feet placement shoulder distance away and flattened on the ground.

Spartan 300 workout routine

Sans any back curving, look straight ahead while hoisting the barbell away from the ground, gradually moving upwards and forward-thrusting hip area for an erect posture with the bar held above you and then revert to initial posture.

Press Ups

Number Of Reps: Fifty

Areas Targeted: Arm, trunk, abs, core muscles

The key objective of press ups or push ups is hoisting one’s total body load using one’s arm strength. Precisely stated, commence with hands placed on the ground for properly balancing body.

Spartan 300 workout plan

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Now, look ahead with body straightened all the way from neck to feet while holding your abs taut inwards as though ready to get socked. Next, elbows are to be tucked to a slight extent while placing at a forty-five degree inclination till trunk is almost, though not bracing the ground. Now press down on the ground to raise body till initial posture.

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Box Jumps

Number Of Reps: Fifty

Areas Targeted: Gluteal, quads, hams muscles

Novices can start with a twenty-four inches box or lesser height and then progress on to a thirty-six inches one or even pump up the difficulty level by donning weights on your feet while doing box jumps. Begin by standing straight ahead of the box with chin up and arms by the sides.

Spartan 300 workout

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Now gradually dip your body as though about to be seated with neck and back erect while positioning yourself all set to jump. Now, leap up from this posture and firmly yet softly lodging feet on box with legs functioning as shock absorbers in the process. Now straighten up, descend the box and redo above steps just elucidated.

Floor Wipers

Number Of Reps: Fifty

Areas Targeted: Trunk, abs

An exercise for those seasoned in strength training, though lesser weights can be used by others. Begin by lying in supine position, using 135 lbs weights (duo dumb bells) with an overhand grasp and raising concurrently ensure arms are perpendicular and stable prior to pressing weights to locked out position (where they are in close proximity to one another).

Spartan 300 workout

Now with abdominals contracted, hoist heels off the floor till vertical, legs kept straightened, toes pointed and bringing them to the left of your hands, slip back to brace the ground and redo to the right of your hands and back to the ground – comprising of a single repetition.

One-Armed Clean and Press

Number Of Reps: Fifty

Areas Targeted: Trunk, lower body

Clutch a sixteen kg kettlebell while standing with feet placed around it at shoulder distance apart, crouching for getting a firm hold and lifting it to sway to and fro.

Spartan 300 workout

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Get into a stand-up position, straighten arm and with a frontward sway of the kettlebell curve your elbow getting the weight till your shoulders and then over your head followed by lowering down and crouching, finally slumping weight on the floor and redoing the move. All in all, the Spartan Workout is certainly not for the chicken-hearted or unfit. So, are you game for the challenge?

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