How To Cope With Loneliness After A Break Up

How To Cope With Loneliness After A Break UpThere isn’t one person on this planet who does not suffer from loneliness after a break up. The causes are many. Lack of interest in activities, alienation, shyness, low self esteem, bereavement are just some of the reasons that may lead to post break-up loneliness.

Loneliness my seep in even if you are surrounded by activity and have the opportunity to interact daily with people. The problem of loneliness is something few will admit let alone talk about . The good news is that there is a lot you can do to tackle loneliness. Here are some tips to avoid feeling lonely.

Raise Your Self Esteem

Give yourself the permission to engage in constructive activities. The only way of staving off depression is to love and respect yourself. Loneliness often rises from a feeling of low self worth and feeling unloved especially after a break up. Get involved in activities that give you a sense of achievement.

With the help of a specialist, take some classes in social skills and assertiveness training. You will have to step out of the house in order to do this. Get involved in voluntary social service activities where you get to help the needy and get lots of appreciation for it. Helping others can give you a powerful sense of achievement.

Hone Your Communication Skills

Start communicating effectively with people. Learn to be a good listener without being critical and edgy. This will also help you to realize what went wrong with the previous relationship. This will not alienate people from you. Good listening and communication skills will help you win over friends and make you feel important and loved.

Make Friends

Having a small circle of close friends with whom you can bond is very necessary to help you feel connected after a break up. Being alone after a break-up will lead to delay in healing. Friends can add a lot of spice and energy to your routine. Single mothers especially need to have friends with whom they can share their burdens and worries. Avoid people who are mean and nasty to you and don’t treat you well.

Take Up Hobbies

Get involved in hobbies that interest you like dancing, gardening, pottery, tennis or playing a musical instrument. These will make you feel involved and will keep you from feeling lonely.

Be Happy

Try to think happy and positive thoughts. Make a concerted effort to not think about negative things that make you feel depressed or angry. Collect inspirational thoughts and poetry and read these on a daily basis.


Reading will keep you gainfully occupied. Books are often called man’s best friends because they allow you to escape into another world. Books are also informative and will enrich your knowledge base.

Stop Escaping And Keep A Diary

Stop wallowing in self pity. Avoid watching too much of tv or eating junk food when you are feeling lonely or depressed. Keep a diary and write your thoughts in it on a daily basis. This will help you to come to terms with what your break up.

It is also very important to stay in touch with neighbours and colleagues who can often be a source of comfort and support. A sense of belonging and being able to relate to others will help you deal with the break up.

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