3 Ways To Choose Best Hair Color On Basis Of Skin Tone

Ways To Choose Best Hair Color On Basis Of Skin Tone

Sooner or later, a person has to ask his or her hair stylist – ‘which is the best color for me?’ In other words, graying of hair is a natural process and all men and women are bound to have grey hair after a certain age. In some cases, grey hairs can even appear when a person is young. Most of people use hair colors for covering their grey hairs and for having a younger look. Hair color companies have come out with a vast range of hair colors. People usually select hair color as per their choice or choose hair color that is in vogue. However, this is not the right approach to choosing hair colors. All shades are hair color cannot suit a person.

The hair color must match with the skin tone so that rather than looking ‘awkward’, a person really looks young and attractive. Though a person can go by the recommendation of hair stylist or a salon professional, this is often not the right choice. As a result, after getting hair colored, a person does not feel satisfied and get his or her hairs colored again.

This can be prevented if hair color was chosen as per the skin tone. Generally, salon professionals fulfill the desire of their customers rather than actually guiding them for the best color. Such professionals are rarely found that are knowledgeable and that would actually advise hair colors to customers that are unflattering and which do not lead to the lightening of natural color of hairs.

How To Choose Right Hair Color

Choose Right Hair Color

As a bottom line, it can be said that while choosing a hair color, a person must select one that enhances his or her complexion and does not wash out the skin tone. The hair color must not look overwhelming on face. If hair color is chosen as per skin tone, it would definitely bring out the glowing skin and sparkling eye of a person. Thus, first step towards selecting the right hair color is to determine the skin tone. Just because celebrities are using a particular shade of hair color, a person should not go for same.

For determining the skin tone, a piece of gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry can be held against the skin. Piece of jewelry that actually appears bright on the skin should be selected. However, a person must be very fair in selecting the right piece of jewelry. On the basis of piece of jewelry selected, it can be found if skin tone if cool or warm.

Dark Brown Color For People With Cool Skin Tone

If gold jewelry looks bright, it means the skin tone of a person is warm. Similarly, if the piece of jewelry selected is silver, it means a person has cool skin tone. On people with warm skin tone, hair colors that have red, orange, red-orange, gold and yellow bases would suit best. Similarly, for people with cool skin tone, hair colors with blue, green, neutral, violet and blue violet bases are considered as better.

It is often seen that people get their hairs colored red due to many reasons. Red hair looks good on people that have warm skin tone. As a matter of fact, people that have warm skin tone must avoid excessive ash in hair color. Otherwise, they may look pale. Rather than going for red, they must select colors like light honey blondes, golden blondes, medium strawberry, ginger and orange based red, warm chocolate brown, dark brown etc.

Dark brown is a color that looks good in people with cool skin tone also. However, people with cool skin tone must avoid hair colors that have yellow base, otherwise, the skin and the hair will blend. Some of the colors that really look good on cool skin tone are coffee, light ash blondes, flat browns, mahogany, burgundy red, blue black, green black etc.

While selecting the color on basis of skin tone, some other aspects should also be considered. For example, a person must avoid going from one extreme of color to another. For example, a person with natural, level-1 black hair should not use lightest blonde color, which is the level 10. This is because doing so can lead to damaging of hair severely.

When a person applied any type of hair color, hair lighteners react chemically with the natural pigment of hair so as to produce the desired color. This reaction is not good for the health of hair and if there are extremes, hairs may get severely damaged. Similarly, if a person has natural pale blonde hairs and if he or she goes for level 1 black color, similar rule applies and hair may get damaged.

Golden Brown Color For People With Cool Skin Tone

Also, doing that looks quite unnatural. Another fact that should be known before choosing any type of hair color is that hair colors with dark shade make the complexion more pale and wan. As a person progresses in age, the skin tone gets lighter naturally and thus, all the colors do not look good. The colors that were applied at the age of twenty years may not suit any more. If such colors are still applied, it is sheer wastage of money and time and that too, at the cost of health of hairs.

If an aged person is applying level 1 black color, which often happens, he is just highlighting his wrinkles and age lines. Rather than looking young, he is adding some more years to his age. Thus, it should be tried to color hair with a shade that is lighter than otherwise non-grey hair. Similarly, the selection of hair color must not be based on season, as it used to be. For example, in spring, people use soft colors. In spring, they use cool tones while in summer, they go for warm colors.

People with warm skin tones should not use brassy blondes, as they eyes are generally golden brown, hazel or reddish brown. Similarly, people with cool skin tone have eyes that are deep brown, gray blue, black brown, dark blue and hazel. Such people must avoid yellow, gold and bronze shades of hair colors, as these make their skin look unhealthy. Carefully selected hair colors always complement the skin tone and provide younger, beautiful and attractive look.

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