How To Boost Your Child’s Self Confidence

A child’s self confidence can be built to the maximum during the growing phase of its life. This is when the child is exposed to all sorts of things like emotions, new people etc. The self confidence of your child entirely depends on how well he deals with all these new situations.

The way the child ends up handling all situations at this stage determines all about how confidant an adult he would be. Only the parents can help a child deal with such circumstances the right way. The right kind of grooming will work wonders for boosting your child’s confidence. On the other hand negativity can ruin your child’s confidence and self esteem.

Home is the first school for the child and parents are the first teachers and role models. It is commonly observed that children of confident and smart couple come up as smart individuals. This certainly is not surprising, as the children of such couples have learnt those qualities from their parents.

So the first step in order to boost your child’s self confidence is to stay positive and confident at all times. It certainly might not be possible at all times but do try to put up a confidant front when your child is around. This inspires your child to be like you. Some parents push this too hard and end up looking arrogant in front of their children. Such children grow up thinking arrogance is confidence. So always make sure that you put up a confident and not an arrogant front.

It does not take much to hurt a child’s ego. Some minor incident at their school like being scolded by teacher, made fun of by some kid etc. can hurt the sentiments of the child. So do keep talking to your child about his/her day to day life. Always hear them out when they talk to you. This will help you read your child’s mind. If your child is having hard time at school, then console him/her saying things will be fine. Also let them know that they are strong and should tackle such situations boldly.

Children of over protective parents are also seen to have low confidence. This is because of the fact that the parents tend to protect their child so much that sudden exposure to outside world blinds them. It is very important to be loving parents, but it is equally important to let your child feel independent. Assign duties to your child and make them feel that they have a certain individuality and they can also hold responsibilities. Also do not feel afraid to hand your child some responsibilities. This certainly induces a sense of self confidence in every child.

Let your child involve in his/her favorite activities. May it be some sort of sports, dancing, music etc. Let your child do it, as expertise in such areas helps boost one’s confidence. Also encourage your child and appreciate him/her when you think your child deserves appreciation. Also find time to indulge in all the activities your child likes and spend some quality time with them. This makes them feel wanted and hence elevates self confidence.

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