4 Ways To Become A Male Fashion Model

Ways To Become A Male Fashion Model

Modeling is not an easy job. Many people think it is a cake walk to pose and do photo shoots. But models in the profession know how much hard work and sincerity it takes to be “the fashion model”. Modeling is often associated with glamour and fashion. It is actually synonym for fashion. What you see these male and female models wearing is what a fashion style becomes for many. Many top designers are very particular about who they choose as their model.

Female models by far get a great mileage in terms of their looks and number of assignments they get. To become a great male model, one has to really battle it out in the cutthroat competition. Why is there discrimination between female and male models? Discrimination is not the right word but there is a huge difference in the quantity of work. That may be because the products target women more than men. Even in the cosmetic industry, you will thousands of products for women but very few for men. These gaps create a lot of pressure on the male models to really work and hard and make a name for them.

Modeling is not a profession but a passion combined with good looks that make it really big on the ramp. Ever wondered how you would look if you work with one of your hottest stars? How awesome it would be if you shared the same stage with one of your fashion gurus? How would you feel to be a part of Gucci’s, Armani’s collection and the likes? Isn’t it a surreal feeling, a feeling of a dream coming true?

Truly, what looks like an easy effortless job is actually a real grinder from the looks to grooming. You have to be nothing but perfect. There is no room for any flaws or errors because one thing you should know that there are many like you out there striving and working really hard to reach the fashion ramp.

It is not something to be scared of but a very important point to remember for anybody, be it modeling or any other career choice, never give in to the tough competition, never feel you are inferior or you cannot stand up like a champion. Modeling has certain requirements that one should comply then there is no stopping!

You’ve Got the Looks!

Modeling is all about your appearance. If you have it, flaunt it is the modeling mantra. Great gorgeous looking face with a nice physique is the perfect recipe to become a fashion male model. Right age (18-25 years), right body (6 pack abs) and a superb height (5’10-6’ plus) is the basic requirement for male models looking to ramp walk.

You’ve Got The Looks

If you are too young and think you can make it there, then it is advisable to start preparing by joining a fashion school for grooming tips as well as a gym to increase your fitness level and physique. Not just the body, the face and skin has to be clean and glowing. Have you ever seen a model with zits? It’s a no-no, it is as important for a man to be perfectly well groomed from tip to toe as it is for female fashion models.

Tie Up With An Elite Modeling Agency

Fashion Industry Is Quite A Fairyland

You may think if you have it all in you then why go to a modeling agency and lobby yourself? Well, just like no matter how genius you are you need to go to a school for showcasing your talent or even groom it for better. Even Einstein went to a school. Therefore modeling agencies are like a great platform to showcase you to the who’s who of the fashion world.

It is important that you associate yourself with an elite model agency that has enormous fashion contacts. Attends parties and after show meetings that help to build contacts to get more assignments. Once you get the right fashion break, there is no looking back. Who sets up the first opportunity? It is your modeling agency. Top agencies also promote big models for magazine cover and many modeling competitions. Once you get a chance to enter one of these big ventures, your career is set.

Commitment and Focus

Fashion industry is quite a fairyland where you have good and the bad. It is easy to live the good life but very difficult to keep away from the “sins”. Once you do make it big and earn some recognition, do no throw it away by becoming a stiff necked or have airs about you.

Remember, people who stay grounded get opportunities to fly with wings whereas the “snobbish lot” gets their wings clipped by the fashion industry. Commitment and focus should be the two words that define your profession. Harder you work, more closer you come to your destination. Like other professions, hard work and sincerity is just what the fashion doctor order for a durable and successful life as a model.

Remember You’re A Professional

Remember You’re A Professional

There are many instances to cite where a model has become very successful but has seen the dumps as quickly as he climbed up. Why? It is because if success gets into your head, it tends to make you more casual towards your work. Attitude like “I am the best”, “no one can do anything without me” ‘a show is never a hit if I am not taken” are thought process that are signifies your end is around the corner.

No matter how successful you become, what is important that you remain faithful and professional towards people who helped you reach the no.1 spot. Remember, all the people you meet while climbing up will be there once you climb down. No matter how small or nig is the assignment, give your 100% and always complete you work. Good reputation earns more work and assignments. Becoming a male fashion model is a combination of good looks, great physical body as well as hard work. Follow the above modeling tips for men to become a successful fashion model.

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