How To Be The Best Husband Ever

How To Be The Best Husband EverContrary to belief a lot of guys out there want to be the best they can be for their female counterparts.However, for some reason or the other, they are not able to reach those levels of satisfaction they hoped for. Not only does this affect a man’s self-esteem and confidence, it also gives birth to insecurity and trust issues.

These dwell from a man’s own thoughts because if he is not confident about himself, he will lose his faith in the relationship as well. However, there should be no reason for such things to happen as a man should be sensible enough to want to change for a better relationship.

Wanting to be a better husband for your wife is very natural, and something more men should choose to think about and act upon. Your wife is a very special person and it is your job to treasure her every day that you spend together.

There is an old saying, “what you give, you get in return.” Remember that your wife is a human being just like you, so if you are insensitive and uncaring towards her, then you are in no place to complain against receiving similar treatment. Women are very sensitive towards love, so if you love and care for her, she will do the same for you, except with a lot more intensity.

This is simply because women are capable of giving much more than men are. You need to be responsive and attentive towards her needs and love her for the special person that she is to you. No other woman could ever replace her position in your life and you need to prove this to her. Being the best husband requires some understanding and maturity. But there is the promise, that if you can keep your wife happy, you will be the happiest guy in the world.

Be Attentive And Listen To Her

90% of wives complain about their husbands being disinterested in listening to them talk. Wives are also very irritated when men are not interested in listening to them talk about their hard day at work. This is being hypocritical because if she is there for you when you have a hard day, then she has a right to be treated the same way. You both are equal in the relationship. Listening to a woman talk is one of the greatest gives you can bestow her with. It is something she will never forget. In addition to that when she is finished talking, simply do not change to topic to you, rather ask her further questions and try to help her in any way you can.

Care For Her Always

When she comes from a hard day of work, get her a glass of water to drink. Do not just expect her to come home and start working at the house chores. This is very immature and irresponsible of you. If someday she is working late at the office then call her up and tell her you will personally pick her up.

Do not give her the opportunity to ask you about conveyance. In addition to that if you are busy, then it is your job to make time for your wife. A very interesting way is to tell her you are busy, yet immediately surprise her and pick her up. She will be caught off guard and will be very excited with this.She should know that you will always be there for her no matter what.
As husband and wife you can demand the presence of each other in times of dire need and urgency.

Love Her like Nothing Else Matters

When you are together in bed, make love to her like there is no tomorrow. She should feel the passion you have for her with every kiss and every touch. The more passionate you are, the more she will feel loved and will love you back.

How To Be The Best Husband Ever

Most women like to be owned in bed, as such hold her hands back or hold them against the mattress and make her realize that she is yours and only yours. Of course once you are out of the bedroom, the equality will always stand.

Compliment And Pamper Her

Pamper her like a queen, because she is the queen of your house. Compliment her from time to time, but not always as it should be special. Tell her how much you love her little activities and her ways of living. Compliment her dressing sense and tell her how beautiful she is even during the early morning hours.

Be Surprising, Interesting, And Exciting

The element of surprise never dies out. Come home from work one day, catch her off guard and make love to her right then and there. Forget everything else and just be with each other. The feeling is liberating. You should make her feel that without her your life would be incomplete and she is perfection. Plan spontaneous vacations and always keep doing exciting things.


If you can be the man of your woman’s dream, then she will give you more happiness than you could have possibly ever imagined. This is not something that is just said, but the reality. It is very easy to be a bad husband, but quite difficult to be the best. For this never compare yourself with anyone else. Be yourself and love your wife, and she will love you back for this. Remember that when you were in a relationship you were very caring and attentive towards all her needs, as such it is something you can never let go.

It is important to always be there for your wife so she knows no matter what happens she can always count on the most important person in her life. Give her a sense of ownership in the bedroom, because this will be very exciting and sensual for her. But remember you are equal in life. These are very easy things, and in time will become second nature. She is your loving wife and she deserves the best husband from you.

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