How to Avoid Getting Pregnant

How to Avoid Getting PregnantTo be pregnant or not be that is the question for many a woman. Getting pregnant is a decision that is going to last with you for eternity. That is why you should be sure that you have taken the correct decision.

Pregnancy has its own ways of playing cruel jokes. Some women get pregnant fairly easily, while some face a lot of problems. If you are the one who gets conceived easily, read on to avoid getting pregnant.

Tips To Avoid Pregnancy

What’s Safer Than Protected Sex

Even a layperson might be aware of at least one thing – be protected while having sex to avoid getting pregnant. Protected sex has its own advantage. It will not only avoid your pregnancy, but also protect you from any sexually transmitted disease (STD). Even you are faithful to your partner and the question of STDs does not arise, yet protected sex is the authority in avoiding pregnancy.

Study Your Ovulation Cycle

Be on familiar terms with your ovulation cycle. The more neatly you know it, the better. If you are not sure of your ovulation rotation, you can take help of the online ovulation calculators.

Ovulation Cycle


According to your dates, study your cycle. You will know which dates you will have to avoid getting pregnant. In this case, if you are aware of the dates, even unprotected sex will not make you pregnant.

Take Birth Control Pills

If in the heat of the moment you do the act in an unprotected way, birth control pills are there to save you the blushes of pregnancy when you are still not ready for motherhood.

Birth Control Pills

Consume these pills in less than 72 hours to avoid any possibility of conceiving. The earlier you take the pill, the thicker are the chances for you not to be loaded.

Stay Mindful of Not Wanting a Baby

Let this thought always play on your mind that you are not ready to have kids yet. When you constantly keep reminding yourself of this, you will automatically be reminded of taking care when having sex. The thought of taking pills or doing the act in a protected way are some of the thoughts that will come to your mind on their own.

Discuss With Your Partner

It takes two to get pregnant. So, discuss with your partner what ways he/she is comfortable with when avoiding pregnancy. Using a condom is another method that can avoid pregnancy.

Discuss With Partner

But out of the various ways known to avoid getting conceived, partners can have varying opinions. For example, a man may not want to use a condom for obvious reasons but still would like to avoid parenthood. Even a woman can have her own views and choices. A talk with your partner is the best way to find a solution.

Here’s a Warning

Even if you take care to avoid pregnancy, it is possible for a woman to be pregnant without showing any signs in the initial days. If you suspect any such thing, it would be better to see your OBGYN as early as possible. You can be diagnosed and concrete steps can be taken during the initial stages itself.

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