How To Apply Period Vampire Makeup For Halloween

How To Apply Period Vampire Makeup For HalloweenHalloween is around the corner and you want to dress up as the dangerous yet sensuous vampires of the gothic age. Movies, serials and even books have depicted these mythical creatures as undead people who step out in the night and survive by drinking the blood of people.

Apart from period clothing and those devilish fangs from the Halloween store, you can also use the right makeup and can transform into a blood sucking period vampire with ease. Vampire makeup is actually quite simple and easy to apply. Here is a step by step tutorial of how to apply period vampire makeup for Halloween.

How To Apply Vampire Makeup

Prepare The Face For Makeup

Vampires are supposed to have pale white faces as they cannot step out in sunlight. To get the pale, vampire look you can use a white makeup base or use a foundation that is two to three time lighter than your skin tone. Before applying the makeup base, clean your face completely and then moisturize it with an oil free moisturizing cream. Using a face primer before applying makeup will help the makeup stay on for a long time.

Prepare The Face For MakeupApply the foundation or makeup base on the face and use your fingers or a makeup foundation sponge to blend it. Cover your face, ears and neck completely. If you are going to wear a period costume with plunging neckline then apply the makeup base on your upper chest as well so that your original skin tone is not visible. If you already have a pale skin tone then use a white foundation powder to create the base for your makeup.

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Eye Makeup For Vampire Look

The eye makeup should be dark and sultry. It should be a direct contrast to the paleness of the face. Smoky black or even red eyes are perfect for the vampire makeup. Apply black, dark blue or purple eyeshadow and thick cat eye liner on your lids.

Eye Makeup For Vampire LookExtend your eyeshadows to your eyebrows for a dramatic effect. Apply generous amounts of mascara on the top and bottom lashes or use false eyelashes. If you are adventurous then try using false lenses in colors like red or blue. Use an eyebrow pencil to create a dramatic arch to your eyebrows.

Makeup For Cheeks And Lips

The makeup for cheeks should be minimal. However for a gaunt, haggard look try contouring the cheekbones with a bronzer or a dark blush shade. For the lips use a red lip liner to line your lips and then fill it with a blood red, maroon or even a black lipstick. You can also choose to keep your lips pale. Just apply some concealer on your lips.

Makeup For Cheeks And LipsUse the lip liner to create drops of blood dripping out from the lips or use red glitter gel for added effect. Finish up your Halloween vampire makeup by dusting some translucent powder on top. Put on your old costume vampire dress, the fangs and you are all set for your Halloween party.

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