How To Apply Make Up To Conceal Pimples

How To Apply Make Up To Conceal PimplesPimples destroy the looks of a person and sometimes, these can be very embarrassing. For a woman, having a pimple on her wedding day is the worst thing that can happen to her. However, a woman should not become disheartened if a pimple is seen on her face on any big day. There are some makeup products that conceal pimples perfectly and offer flawless looks.

How To Apply Make Up To Conceal Pimples

For concealing pimples, most of estheticians use foundation concealer. However, it is very necessary that right shade of concealer is chosen. Best way of choosing the shade is to visit a cosmetic shop and compare the shade of foundation concealer with the skin color of inner side of wrist.

It is better if foundation of leading brand is chosen. For example, L’Oreal and Cover Girl are two brands that provide one of best foundation concealers. Shade closest to the skin color should be chosen. Other makeup product needed for concealing pimples is foundation powder.

This product helps in setting the foundation for entire day or occasion. Bare Naturals from L’Oreal is considered as the best. Like foundation concealer, shade of foundation powder that is closest to the color of inner wrist should be chosen. Apart from these two, all over powder is also needed for setting the face and for blending entire makeup. Coty is considered as one of best brands of all over powders.

Before applying these products for concealing pimples, face must be cleansed thoroughly. This helps in removing excess oil on the skin. Some beauty experts also apply light moisturizing lotion on face after cleansing so that feeling of dryness is not felt. If face is peeled before applying makeup products, moisturizing lotion must be applied.

Afterwards, small amount of foundation concealer is dabbed on pimple by using a sponge. In no case, foundation should be rubbed into the skin. Rather, it should be blended by blotting. It is then left for drying up.

If it is felt that pimple is still visible, second coat of foundation concealer should be applied in same manner. Afterwards, setting powder, which is always thicker than face powder, is applied onto the pimple. Setting powder helps in absorbing oil from the skin and hiding the shininess of pimple.

Finally, a coat of all over face powder is applied on the pimple and face. These two must be blended perfectly with regular application. Some beauty experts also apply bronzer or blush over all over face powder as it helps in concealing the pimple for longer durations.

Using Green Concealer

If there are any red breakouts on the face, green concealer is generally applied for concealing them. Red and green colors occupy opposite positions on the color wheel and thus, cancel effects of each other. Green concealer is dabbed on red spots by using a sponge.

It is then blended thoroughly so that no demarcation is visible. Afterwards, concealer is used for covering the areas containing green concealer. For getting best results, concealer should be allowed to set for 5-10 seconds before blending.

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