How Glucose Can Be Used For Treating Cancer

Glucose Can Be Used For Treating CancerWhile chemotherapy and expensive medicines are the first names that come to mind when we think about cancer, recent advancement in technologies has made it possible to invent absolutely amazing solutions for treating life-threatening disorders like cancer.

How Is Cancer Formed?

If you were wondering how cancerous cells invade your body, read on. A cell that grows and reproduces at an extremely rapid rate, unlike normal healthy cells, is called a cancerous cell. When this process continues, there is excess cell accumulation in a particular area, resulting in the formation of a lump or tumor.

When these tumors grow and spread to other parts of the body, forming a lump of cancer cells, they destroy the normal cells; the situation turns out to be quite deadly and requires immediate medical intervention.

How Do Cancerous Cells Live?

A common misconception among many is that only cancerous cells thrive on glucose for their growth and development. Fact of the matter is that all cells require glucose because the latter acts as a fuel to every single cell in our body, irrespective of whether they are cancerous or not. Therefore, depriving the body of basic glucose requirements fearing that there might be a spurt of cancerous cells in the body is meaningless.

Reverse Psychology Treatment

Scientists have exploited the “depending nature” of cancerous cells on glucose by using reverse psychology treatment. In order to get rid of these cells, they use glucose molecules as a tonic to kill cancerous cells instead of allowing them to survive and multiply. The methodology is quite simple.

First, the patient is administered insulin to lower his/her blood glucose level, making him/her go into a hypoglycemic state. When this occurs, the cancerous cells in the body are deprived of glucose, making them lethargic and worn out. The healthy cells on the other hand are not affected much because they can draw out energy from fat cells in the body, an alternative technique which cancerous cells are unable to copy.

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Under this condition, a specific dose of cancer killing drug is administered followed by intravenous infusion of large amounts of glucose. The cancerous cells immediately pounce on the glucose molecules to pump themselves up.

In the process, they end up ingesting chemotherapeutic drugs that have been mixed up cleverly with the glucose solution. The chemotherapeutic drugs kill the cancerous cells while the healthy ones are left unaffected, because the latter are not parched and desperate like cancerous cells.

Advantages Of Glucose Therapy For Treating Cancer

By using this technique, the healthy cells are spared of deadly side effects that come with chemotherapy. Additionally, the cancerous cells are successfully killed without exposing the person to harmful radiations and strong drugs, helping him/her cope with the disease in a very effective manner. The chemotherapeutic drugs administered in this fashion are not concentrated. Therefore, the amount of drug toxicity that builds up in the body is minimized.

Since cancerous cells rely solely on glucose for their nutritional requirement, the concept of using the same glucose molecules to kill cancerous cells has been very effective. While the treatment might take longer time than usual, the side effects of chemotherapy are considerably minimized, helping the affected person lead a normal life.

However, for any treatment to be effective, the affected person must lead an active lifestyle and give up on unhealthy practices like smoking and drinking alcohol to see fast and long lasting results.

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