Honda’s New 2011 CR-Z Hybrid – Review

Honda had shown the world more than a decade back that they care for the environment as much as the activists while they also have the ability to grow their business. 2011 and the company is ready with the new Honda CR – Z.

This is without a doubt the follow up to the earlier Honda CR – X model which was both sporty and economical. More importantly the predecessor had received very favorable feedback from critics and customers alike. The CR – Z is a gasoline electric hybrid three door hatchback being promoted as a sports hybrid coupe.

2011 New Honda CR-Z Hybrid Features

The 2011 New Honda CR – Z would have a 1.5 L 4 cylinder engine capable of delivering up to 122 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque. The standard model would come out with a six speed manual transmission but there would be an alternative available for people to upgrade to a CVT (continuously variable transmission).

The new model claims to offer 31 miles per gallon in the city and 37 miles per gallon in the highway for the manual transmission models. With the CVT models, the mileage would climb up to 35 miles per gallon in the city and 39 miles per gallon in the highway.

There is also a further enhancement in the driving features which can alter the mileage you extract from this sporty vehicle depending on your choice. Here comes the three mode driving experience in all the new CR – Z variants.

2011 New Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sports Mode

So, you had your city hustles and you are on the freeway heading for your home or perhaps a great weekend trip. Time is a factor and you need speed. Turn on the Sports Mode and go full throttle on this new Honda CR – Z which shall then blast the maximum performance out of its otherwise pretty conservative engine power.

Besides road assistance technology and advanced compatible design in this model gives you the liberty to make use of the sporty aspect of the new Honda. Tests performed on this model have promised a smooth drive a top speeds without any nervous handling at sharp turns or meandering roadways.

2011 New Honda CR-Z Hybrid Eco Mode

This is the fuel saving mode in your new car. It really doesn’t make much sense having a high power vehicle capable of running at a hundred miles per hour which you eventually take to work at a crawling speed of twenty or worse less than fifteen miles per hour, put aside the stagnant moments on the city roads. Honda comes up with this Eco Mode here by which you can switch to a city life usage in your car and save money on fuel consumption.

The slow movement may bore you so there are other normal features such as the wireless communication systems allowing you to plug in your Bluetooth device and listen to some songs or keep chatting using the hands free mode while stuck at traffic. The controls don’t make it complicated since they are mounted on your steering wheel.

2011 New Honda CR-Z Hybrid Normal Mode

This is a combination of the first two where you are not too sure which one would you stick to. However, one gets a feeling the Normal mode works best with the CVT system with paddle shifters. Moreover the CVT does offer you more fuel efficiency but may cost you a little higher upfront to opt for it.


With the Eco Assist System along with the Integrated Motor Assist hybrid electric system of Honda, and with all the essentially attractive exteriors and interiors CR – Z may just turn out to be a preferable Hybrid and may just take a lead over its rivals.

2011 New Honda CR-Z Hybrid Price

Honda would launch the new Honda CR – Z in three levels. These versions would definitely be available in North America but the other countries may come up with further disclosure from the company officially in a few weeks time.

The base model would be priced at around 19,950 USD which is pretty much in line with the older pricing models of Honda.

The CR – Z EX model expected to have the CVT and some advanced extra features and some up gradations here and there would cost about 21,500 USD.

The third variant which would be the EX model with a Navigation system is being priced around 23,000 USD.

2011 New Honda CR-Z Hybrid Safety

The Vehicle Stability Assist would ensure the drive is safe and doesn’t steer out of control. The synchronized alignment of braking system along with engine power alterations – this control system works well and does help in reducing the risks of a danger.

With Advance Compatibility Engineering system being deployed in the production phase, it creates a strong distribution network for the force accumulated from the point of impact in case of a collision.

There are six airbags in total covering the front, the sides and the rears creating a protective cover in case of an unfortunate and unavoidable situation. All the wheels have disc brakes and the Anti Lock Braking System creates another line of safety measure from Honda.


New Honda CR – Z would have a tough time with the market leader Toyota Prius. The MINI Coupe can pose significant threat and with the pricings being pretty close it would be a real fight between Honda and BMW.

Hyundai’s Accent can also gulp away some customers with its Hatchback variant which is being preferred over the new Accent Sedan. Honda’s different driving modes and satellite navigation systems would have a strong challenger in Ford Focus Titanium with their latest integrated My Ford Touch systems.

Having said that, New Honda CR – Z does score some points over the others, being a Hybrid! A gasoline-electric combine engine with the environment and pocket friendly drive can land up being a leader on this front. The Green Car of the Year 2010 and awards such as those may just help the promotions and advertising a little more easy for Honda.

Not to forget the CR – Z has been rated as AT-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) by the CARB (California Air Resources Board). We are certainly set for a grand showdown in the International Car Arena, well; choices are good, aren’t they? Let’s get spoiled with choices, say I!

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