Home Remedies for Stretch Marks
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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are thin parallel lines appear during pregnancy or because of excessive weight in the abdomen, hips, and breast regions. Sensitivity of the skin is the common factor that contributes in the growth of stretch marks. Stretch marks appear in brown, red, and pink in color. Expansion of the stomach during pregnancy leads to the breaking of elastic fibers of the skin beyond its normal limit, and as a result the skin of the abdomen and hip region look lifeless with ugly scars.

  1. Causes for Stretch Marks
  2. Home Remedies for Stretch Marks
  3. Do's & Don'ts for Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Causes

Pregnancy lead to the development of stretch marks in the abdomen, hip and breast region, where there is high deposition of fat.

Obesity tends to the development of stretch marks in men as well as women.

Genetics and hormones also contribute to developing stretch marks.

Teenagers also develop stretch marks as various changes are observed in their body parts in their growing age.

Prolonged disease and chemical-based medicines also lead to stretch marks during pregnancy.

Eating unbalanced food not rich in necessary minerals and vitamins also contribute to stretch marks.

stretch marks development also depends on skin type and color, like dry skin and fair complexion has more chances of stretch marks.

Abnormal dieting practice to reduce weight also causes stretch marks. If a person is on strict dieting to reduce body weight his/her chances of developing stretch marks is much high.

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Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Home remedies are effective to get rid of stretch marks but during pregnancy do take advice of your doctor before using it

Surgeries, applying chemical-based creams and lotions to remove stretch marks are sometimes not very effective and let you feel frustrated, as you want to wear a sexy dress but unable to wear them because of your most visible stretch marks at abdomens and hip region. You do not need to panic as there are number of home remedies which can act as your friend helpful in removing your stretch marks and making your skin as beautiful as it was before pregnancy.

Rubbing hips and abdomen gently using warm jetun (olive) oil improves blood circulation, minimize stretch marks, and relax you to a greater extent.

Massage your abdomen gently using calendula oil which is effective herb used for cooking and medicinal purpose. This reduces the stretch marks and improves blood circulation. This is one of the important home remedies for stretch marks..

Massage stomach, hip, and breast using lavender oil; this minimizes stretch marks.

Make an herbal solution using one tablespoon wheat germ oil and one tablespoon calendula oil, then apply on hips, abdomen, and breast regions. This is effective and minimizes the stretch marks caused because of pregnancy or overweight. This is one of the useful home remedies for stretch marks. This is how to get rid of stretch marks

Rubbing errand (castor oil) on stomach, hips also reduces stretch marks.

Take small portion of badaam (almond) oil, mix half teaspoon chamomile oil and lavender oil each in it and apply on your stretch marks. This is an effective treatment. This is one of the best home remedies for stretch marks..

Rubbing down hips and abdomens using flaxseed oil is also very beneficial for removing stretch marks.

Giving a massage to abdomens, breast, and hips using cod liver oil is also beneficial for removing stretch marks.

Massage your abdomen gently daily using Vitamin C rich natural stretch marks removing creams. They do not cause any kind of problems or defect to pregnant women. One of the useful home remedies for stretch marks. This is how to get rid of stretch marks

A light yellow colored fat acquire from cocoa beans herb is also useful for minimizing stretch marks.

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Dos and don’ts for Stretch Marks

Stretch mark usually develops at the time of pregnancy because of excess stretching of the skin to carry developing baby in the womb. Prevention is the best way to minimize stretch marks.

Maintain a healthy and balance body weight.

Drink good amount of water as it keeps the skin soft and supple. Drinking enough water is very effective in curing stretch marks. Skin of hydrated body has an increased ability to return to its original shape after excess stretching without leaving any stretch marks.

Eat healthy and balanced diet to maintain good health and mind. Healthy diet helps in minimizing stretch marks to a large extent.

Surgical treatment is not very cost effective and safe so go for herbal treatment as they are cheap and effective too.

Avoid excess sun exposure and applying good natural moisturizers is a good option for preventing stretch marks.

Eat green vegetables and fruits like carrot, cabbage, papaya, oranges, and apple as they are rich in antioxidants.

Drink fruit juices and avoid taking tea and coffee.

Eat Vitamin C, zinc, protein, and Vitamin E rich foods. Eat fish, and flaxseeds, eggs, and diary products as they are healthy foods

Exercise tones muscles. Regularly doing some short of stretching exercise under the recommendation of doctors reduces stretch marks during pregnancy.

Do yoga regularly as some of the yogic asana are very beneficial for making your muscles elastic, healing and toning the skin which will remove stretch marks from abdomen, hips, and breast gradually. Regularly do meditation, pranayama as it calms your body and mind, reduces stretch marks and helps in proper oxygen supply to the body.

Don’t worry about your stretch marks as it will fade off by proper care of the skin and overall health.

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Comment Script


hi!! actually due to increase in my weight stretch marks appeared on my arms, stomach and hips area. I feel very embarrased to wear short sleeves. Please tell me a suitable and quick remedy for the same.
#1 - alka - 02/11/2009 - 10:49
I have no answer, but the same problem. i have major stretch marks on my thighs and hips. Me too, I am very embarrased of wearing shorts and baithing suits. So I wear one peices and board shorts. :(
#2 - Kaylie - 06/23/2009 - 14:25
Same here...thighs and bum area are of major concern...cant really wear short nor bathers. I reckon we should try the olive oil or other home remedies. Something might work.. hopefully
#3 - Neelz - 04/06/2010 - 22:07
hii i have stretch marks on my hips and knees i have very sensitive skin. wat should i do? i have stoped wearing shorts i feel very embarrased plz suggest.
#4 - julie - 08/17/2010 - 01:04
Im 13 and i have stretch marks on my thighs breast and belly and becuase of that i could enjoy any of my summer what should i do to get rid of them
#5 - CC - 10/02/2010 - 12:34
hi i hv developed stretch marks near arms n feel very shy 2 wear sleeveless.. plz suggest sm effective measures.. i'm jst 17...its very embar[@]ing
#6 - ryna - 10/26/2010 - 04:54
hi everyone im 23 and miscarried my first baby back in november of 2010 i was only 3 weeks prego..but i gained 20 pounds or so in that time now i have really bad on my stomach and under my arms and even further below..i would really like to know some remedies if at possible to get rid of them..or at least lighten them they are really red and some are purple...ne suggestions?
#7 - amanda - 01/21/2011 - 00:05
Bio Oil works very well for all of your different types of stretch marks im using it now and im 5months pregnant and no stretchmarks ive used it in the past also its great
#8 - Amanda - 03/18/2011 - 18:32
HI, i try bio-oil on my old silver stretch marks and it's working but i think it works better on pink or purple stretch marks... i wish same one toll me this, 5 yeas ago before i have my 2 kids i hope it help you..
#9 - lisa m - 07/09/2011 - 13:02
I am having stretch marks on arms,stomach,legs after pregnancy .suggest me some home remedy.
#10 - anush - 07/18/2011 - 09:20
hello everyone, after giving birth plus gaining weight :( I've had this problem eversince. I've tried all the possible natural method such as using ground coffee beans on my problem areas and even buying all the anti-stretchmark creams and lotions I could find. Until I found this local dermacare spa and clinic and underwent a microdermabrasion like treatment. It was a bit costly but oh! it's worth it. I decided to search on the net and find a similar equipment. My husband found the timepeel in http://www.mytimepeel.com/ and I've used it thrice already. I noticed that my stretchmarks are finer and smoother. I'll let you know about the updates after using it for several sessions more. Let's go for stretchmark free bodies gals! :)
#11 - Rosel - 07/22/2011 - 01:28
I took fish oil tablets for like 2 weeks and they started to fade.. now im taking cod liver oil to see if that works.
#12 - Joyce - 02/15/2012 - 05:21
Hi. Im 28yrs old have a 5 yr old son. My smarks is so old i had them for like 5 2 6yrs. Help.
#13 - Cadence - 05/17/2012 - 11:18
Hi again. Im trying extra olive oil and used coffee ground. I hope it will help even my marks are so old. Whats yours?
#14 - Cadence - 05/17/2012 - 11:24
hy i hve stretch marks on my thigh a thin lines on right area of thigh pls suggest me effective remedies
#15 - sheya - 10/29/2012 - 08:56
iam jst 17 an i have thse marks on my abdomen portion it is so irritating that it prvnt mr frm wering any type of dress
#16 - tani - 08/07/2013 - 23:30
pls am helpless i ve stretch marks all over my body, and my wedding is this Nov pls frnds help me out here is my number 08038266378;pls the once u re very sure
#17 - jenny - 10/19/2014 - 10:33

Dermelastic Serum is amazing. My sister started using it to get rid of her stretch marks and you can see a big difference. They are not completely gone but they are less visible. Definitely recommend.
#18 - FaranakJoecar - 01/29/2015 - 00:39
I am a mother of 2 and have dealt with stretch marks for years. I have tried many different products. From drugstore products to expensive products, nothing was giving me the results I needed.
I am amazed by the results of Dermelastic Serum! I have been using it for 2 weeks. Once in the morning, then again at night. So far, my stretch marks have greatly lightened up. I can't wait to see the results after more weeks of use. I have added this product to my daily routine!!!
#19 - Rian Durant - 12/30/2015 - 00:07
Dermelastic serum is awesome stuff. I saw slight results within the first week of usage. I have really deep stretch marks and using this has helped so much. I can't wait to see what happens after using it over an extended period of time. Definitely try it out of you have stretch marks or scars. rocks really!
#20 - Carol48 - 09/24/2016 - 12:48
Dermelastic product was awesome. This cream gives me fadeness of very old stretch marks in just two months usage. I'm continuing it.
#21 - Sravya Pradeep - 01/03/2017 - 10:02
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