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The way of life we are living today, stress no doubt is an obvious result. Today, everybody is running for something, without knowing what exactly it is, and whether it is right or wrong. Failure of achieving a set goal, sudden demise of near and dear ones, all lead to stress. Stress is defined as a condition when a person fails to have control over external and internal circumstances, emotions, and situations, and ultimately suffers from physical and mental problems. Common diseases caused due to stress include body pain, headache, heart and lung disease, etc. This article will explain in detail about the various aspects of stress, its cause, symptoms, and easy and effective home remedies.

  1. Causes for Stress
  2. Symptoms for Stress
  3. Home Remedies for Stress

Stress Causes

Stress is really bad, and nothing can be worst that living in stress and tension. The main causes of stress are bad habits, jealousy, envy, financial and emotional issues, success or failure, and many other mind bothering reasons. Other causes of stress include unhealthy and adverse physical environment like noisy workplace, home, disturbing family members and neighbors. Stress can also be a side effect of various drugs, medicine, etc. Excess consumption of alcohol, smoking or addiction to any kind of drugs also cause stress along with other chronic diseases. Unhealthy and lack of nutritional food also causes stress.

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Stress Symptoms

The main symptoms of stress are impatience, short temper, nervousness, excess sweating, etc. A person suffering from stress experiences weak digestive system, high blood pressure, chest pain, improper functioning of heart, and nervous system. Patient may also loss appetite and finds difficulty in sleeping. Some people also become depressed and frustrated and indulge in unsocial activities. They also become irritated and lose temper on any or every issue.

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Home Remedies for Stress

A person can never be free from stress, until he himself wants to be. No food or medicine is helpful if a person is not willing to change or improve. So a person should realize that stress gives birth to plenty of other diseases. So stay fit and happy. Given below are some of the effective home remedies for stress and helpful tips for living a happy and stress-free life.

Basil (tulsi) leaves for Stress Relief

Basil or tulsi leaves are one of the oldest and a powerful home remedy for the treatment of several chronic diseases. Tulsi leaves play important role in treating stress as well. Person suffering from stress should chew 10-20 leaves a day. One can also prepare decoction containing tulsi leaves and water. Take 20-25 leaves and boil in water till the constituent become half. Drain the mixture and drink it. It really has a soothing as well as healing effect. This is one of the useful home remedies for stress.

Balanced diet for Stress Reduction

Balanced diet is very important for keeping healthy body and mind. People suffering from stress should take healthy food, proper meal including green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, whole wheat grain, beans, grams, sprouts, fresh curd, etc. Balanced diet here means good, fresh nutritional foods. People suffering from stress should take Vitamin A and B rich food. Minerals like calcium, potassium are also good to fight against stress. Some of the food items which are rich in Vitamin A and B are green leafy vegetables, sprouts, banana, etc. Similarly, potassium- and calcium-rich foods are eggs, cheese, whole wheat grain, soyabeans, etc. One should strictly avoid junk foods, oily and over fried foods, excess intake of sugar, sweets, and alcohol is strictly prohibited. Remember it is the unhealthy living style and lack of nutritional food that cause diseases like stress.

Sage ( Sefakus ) leaves for Stress Relief

Sage or sefakus leaves are an effective medicine used in treating stress. Prepare tea using this leaves. Simply boil 3-4 leaves in a glass of water. Allow it to boil till one-third of the water is evaporated. Drain the mixture and add jaggery or honey to it. This tea is very natural and effective. This is one of the best home remedies for stress.

Apart from the above mentioned home remedies for stress, one should follow these things as well: First of all keep in mind that you are not going to get anything if you are in stress. If any thing is bothering you, disturbing you, and you know you cannot get away from it, simply divert yourself in some constructive work, go for morning walk, do exercises and yoga and meditation. This will keep you mentally and physically fit. It is in fact a great stress buster and helpful in stress reduction.

Maintain a daily routine, fix a time and do exercise regularly. Second, it is also found that some people get stressed because of someone else’s behavior or activity. Despite tolerating it for long and killing yourself, it is better to discuss about the matter with that person, but in a proper way. Similarly, if someone isstressed because of his mundane routine life, it is good to go for a short vacation, leisure, etc. Pamper yourself by visiting your favorite place, take a warm bath, do activities that you like, but could not do because of your tight schedule or other priorities. Third, eat healthy and wisely. Above all love yourself and remember being stressed can never give solution to your problems.

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