Home Remedies for Mumps
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Mumps are infections caused in cheeks as a result there is swelling, pain, and inflammation in the cheeks. This is found generally in the children and rarely on adults, who have not been vaccinated against mumps infections. Parotid or salivary glands faces increased pain and infections penetrating or spreading inside the body organs so right treatment is a must as early as possible.

  1. Causes for Mumps
  2. Home remedies for Mumps
  3. Mumps Symptoms

Mumps Causes

Mumps are found in cough and cold infections---The mumps viral infections disperse by cold and cough in the mumps’ patient. mumps are communicable. Children and adults who are not mumps vaccinated are more prone to the mumpsviral infections. Tongue kissing of the person who is suffering from mumps infections also causes mumps because the viruses are generally found in the saliva.

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Home remedies for Mumps

Take 3-4 peepal leaves and on the cooking pan let the leaves get heated then coat some oil over it and heat again , than take it out of the burner and apply on mumps affected area this reduces swellings, inflammation, and kills germs. This is one of the useful home remedies for mumps.

2) Do not give citric fruits and vegetable juices like tomato juice, orange juice or any other juice to the mumps patient, as they adversely affects them.

3) Mumps treatments using mullein tea--- Mullein tea is very effective in the treatment of various diseases. They are of medicinal qualities and kill various germs and infections. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and are blood purifier. They are helpful in the treatments of mumps . One of the useful home remedies for mumps.

Swollen cheeks gets relief from mumps pain if you take a cotton piece and dip it into the mullein tea and then squeeze the excess liquid and apply that hot padded cotton on mumps affected area.

4) Mumps treatment using methi seeds and shatvari seeds---Mix one tablespoon shatvari seeds and one tablespoon methi seeds and make its paste and apply on mumps-affected area. This gives relief reduces swelling and also kills mumps infections. This is one of the best home remedies for mumps.

5) Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari) is useful in the treatment of mumps---Ghritkumari has medicinal properties and are useful in curing liver problems, ulcer, severe injuries, mumps, and many other problems. Take fresh leaves and make its paste or take an herbal ghritkumari powder and make a smooth paste and apply on mumps affected area. This relieves pain and swelling.

6) You can apply a fresh ginger paste (prepare by mixing and grinding fresh ginger and water) externally (as one of the herbal remedies for mumps) on the swollen and painful area of mumps especially cheeks. This is one of the important home remedies for mumps.

Do’s and don’ts

Drink water and vegetable soups which are not citric.

Childhood vaccination against mumps infection is a must.

Do not take the vaccination if you are expecting your baby during those nine months.

Mumps patient should take enough rest and sleep.

Mumps patient should have separate bed, separate lunch and dinner plate as mumps infections are transferable.

Above home remedies and suggestions are effective for mumps infections so take care of yourself and your child, and cure the disease.

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Mumps Symptoms

Pain, inflammation, and swelling in the cheeks are generally seen during the mumps infections. Ear pain, cold and cough, increased body temperature, and restlessness are some other mumps symptoms observed because of mumps infections. mumpspatient generally do not feel hungry, finds difficulty in chewing foods. mumps patient faces severe head pain, feel cold, and are susceptible to various other infections and diseases. mumps virus leads to swollen cheeks. Hot and swollen cheeks and spinal cords, tendency of vomiting are some other symptoms observed in the mumps patient. mumps virus can disperse to other body organs. Stomach pain, problem in swallowing foods is some other symptoms.

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