Home Remedies for Liver Care
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Liver Care

Liver care cannot be ignored, healthy liver is essential for proper functioning of the liver. If you do not have a healthy liver all the body functioning gets disturbed because liver is the most effective organ of the body.

Liver functioning gets disturbed because of harmful infectious particles, liver damages caused due to accidents, severe illness, and inadequate rest.

Liver plays a crucial role in removing toxicants or unwanted substances introduced in the body by long chemical-based medicines. Liver care is very important otherwise all the metabolic activity of the body gets disturbed and damaged liver means a great loss.

  1. Causes for Liver Care
  2. Symptoms for Liver Care
  3. Diet for Liver Care

Causes of liver disease like liver cirrhosis and hepatitis:

Lacks of balanced diet, some internal infections caused in the body, immune disorder, high dozes of chemical-based medicines, alcohol intake lead to the liver cell damage and improper flow of the blood in different body parts i.e., liver loss its natural functioning in the body.

Toxic substance introduced in the liver, unsafe sexual practice, severe physical damage caused in the liver, disorder caused in the body immune, and blood transfer lead to hepatitis.

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Symptoms for Liver Care

Symptoms for liver cirrhosis are stomach pain, gastric problems, improper digestion of foods, severe sickness, reduction in body weight, discoloration of the skin i.e., skin turns yellow especially eyes, and lack of energy are some of the symptoms of liver cirrhosis.

Symptoms for hepatitis are severe illness and your body turns yellow, restlessness, lack of strength, abnormal urine color, liver swelling, and body weakness. Body loss its natural functioning so liver care becomes essential for normal functioning of the body.

Home Remedies for Liver Care

How to Take Care of your Liver

1. Liver care in case of liver disease called liver cirrhosis---Liver care by using natural and safe fruit papaya. Mixture of lemon juice and papaya fruit is effective in the case of liver cirrhosis. Add (half tablespoon) lemon juice in the (two teaspoon) papaya juice, mix it well and eat this natural mixture everyday. This is one of the natural and safe remedies for liver care. Continue taking this mixture for three-four weeks. This is one of the best home remedies for liver care.

2. Mixture of vegetable juice (spinach vegetable and carrot) in the ratio of 1:1 is effective in the treatment of liver cirrhosis. Take a glass of this natural juice everyday for at least three-four weeks.

3. Roots of dandelion provide a good liver care. Boil its root (small amount) in a glass of water for 10 minutes. Your drink is ready for drink. This is one of the useful home remedies for liver care.

4. How to take care of your liver with Honey - Mixture of honey and bhringaraj is effective in treating liver cirrhosis and provides good liver care. Make a natural solution using juice of medicinal herb bhringaraj (2 tablespoon) and honey (2 tablespoon). This is a doze that should be taken two times in a day (half in the morning and half in the evening). This is one of the important home remedies for liver care.

5. Licorice herbal solution founds a good cure for liver disease and provides a good liver care.

6. Milk thistles (it keeps the toxic material away and helps in new cells formation in the liver in place of damaged liver cells), turmeric, and guduchi are some of the other herbs which are effective and provide safe liver care in various liver diseases like liver cirrhosis.

Dos and don’ts

Avoid tea and other beverages to maintain healthy liver. This is necessary for liver care.

Do yoga and breathing exercises everyday as it keeps the liver and other body organs healthy from inside and outside.

Do pranayam, kapalbharti, and bhadrika, anulom vilom everyday all these yogic breathing exercises keep the whole system healthy and keep your liver healthy.

Drink lots of fresh and clean water. Water keeps the body system clean and healthy,

Say no to alcohol as alcohol badly impacts liver. If you really want to live a healthy life say no to this deadly drink today.

Avoid excess sugar and salt in your diet as they are harmful for the body. This is necessary for liver care.

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Liver Care Diet

Eat protein rich foods like eggs, pulses, and fish in your diet for maintaining healthy liver. Eat less fatty, less oily foods as they are unhealthy for you and your liver.

For proper functioning of the liver you need to take a balanced diet rich in different vegetables, fruits and proteins. Eat green vegetables and fruits like cucumber, carrots, palak, spinach, and papaya in your regular diet.

Vegetables like cabbage, sprouts, mushroom, tomatoes, beans, beet, karela (bitter gourd) neem (margosa) are very good and healthy for protecting liver disease. These vegetables help in detoxifying the whole system, they contain necessary minerals and vitamins for maintaining healthy liver. Eat small meals as they are easily digested and create less trouble for liver functioning. Do not eat deep fried refined flour products as they harm your liver and its functioning. Remember liver care and its protection require your preventive steps and knowledge.

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