Home Remedies for Jetlag
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Jetlag is defined as a physical condition in which body becomes dull, weak, and inability to adjust in a new environment. This condition arises when a person travel from one place to another by air and both these places have dissimilar time zone. Person suffering from jetlag will experience severe headache, body pain, weakness, laziness. It becomes really difficult for them to concentrate on their work. This article will explain in detail the causes and effective home remedies for the treatment of jetlag.

  1. Causes for Jetlag
  2. Symptoms for Jetlag
  3. Home Remedies for Jetlag

Jetlag Causes

People suffering from jetlag experience extreme weakness and unable to focus on their work. The main causes for jetlag are improper or less sleep before flight, fatigue, and dehydration, less humidity at higher altitude. Other causes include excess intake of alcohol before or during flight, inability to adjust immediately in new time zone, etc. People also confess that sitting on a plane chair without much body movement make their body dull and weak to respond against the changing time zone, and the result is jetlag.

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Jetlag Symptoms

Person suffering from jetlag will experience extreme weakness, dullness, inability to concentrate and focus on job and responsibilities. Sleeplessness or over sleeping tendency is another major symptom. People suffering from jetlag either sleep a lot in the new place or feel uneasy while sleeping and thus prefer not to sleep. Both this situation is disturbing and alarming. Other symptoms include irritation, over anxiety, back ache, severe headache, mild fever, etc.

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Home Remedies for Jetlag

As mentioned earlier that jetlag is not a disease, it is a condition which almost every passenger experiences after a journey through different time zone. Given below are some the useful suggestions and effective remedies to recover from jetlag.

Any person, who is going for air travel, should know well in advance that what is the climatic condition and time zone of the place, where they are landing. By this, it will become easier to set lifestyle according to the new timings for some day before flight. This way the body will become used to of the new environment.

Also people may adjust the timing of their wrist watch according to the place they are landing in. Work according to the new timing. Initially, it will be little difficult and may sound silly to others, but later on when you land up in a new place, your body already would have become used to of the new time zone.

Given below are some important things to remember before boarding a plane.

Do not overeat—this is really very important, as you have to sit for long hours in the plane and the food will not digest completely. This may cause acidity, indigestion, vomiting, etc. Another thing is that you cannot move in a plane hence eat little. Protein- or carbohydrate-rich foods are most preferable as it will help in proper sleep during flight.

Avoid alcohol—this is also very important that you should not drink alcohol or any other hard drinks. Excess consumption of alcohol slows down the metabolic activity, dries and chokes the throat, severe headache, nervousness, mood swing etc.

Drink water before and after the flight. Do not take too much water on board. Once your plane reaches higher altitude, you will experience frequent urination and this will trouble you a lot. One of the useful home remedies for jetlag.

Take proper rest. Once you are in the plane, make yourself comfortable, stretch your legs as much as you can, cover yourself properly with soft blanket, and sleep. Do not panic, when you are traveling as pilots and other air members are there to look after you. Person who experiences excess jetlag are also advised to take sleep before boarding the plane. This is one of the good home remedies for jetlag.

Wear proper fitted clothes, comfortable shoes, and soft socks. People suffering from excess vomiting tendency should keep lozenges and sweet candies with them.


Yoga is one of the best remedy to cope up with the jetlag. It has a deep and positive effect to the body and mind of a person suffering from jetlag. Some shoulder-related asanas and surya namaskara, and breathing exercises are considered as best yoga for treating jetlag. These yogas help in restoring energy and helping the body to adjust quickly in the new environment.

The benefits of surya namaskara are that it supports the proper functioning of body system. It keeps the respiratory system, heart, and lungs, all in good health. Person suffering from jetlag faces acidity and other stomach-related problems, as the metabolic activities weaken due to different time zone. Surya namaskara helps in re-building the digestive system. Similarly, shoulder-related asanas supports the respiratory system, blood circulation, proper functioning of heart and lungs. It makes the mind active, stress-free, and mentally strong. There are other yoga asanas that help in relaxing the body after a long flight, speed up body activity.

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