Home Remedies for Diaper Rash
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Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is really very irritable condition for your babies when the baby is not in the position to express his/ her discomfort vocally and you being the caring parent want to do every possible thing to prevent your baby from diaper rash.

Diaper rash is a common problem with babies which needs a really good cleaning and preventive measures to keep the baby’s skin infection free. As most of the germs grow in the moist and unclean condition this is same in case of diaper rash too. If you are one of the lazy moms who do not take enough care or give much attention for changing the baby’s nappies again and again and keep your baby’s buttock dirty and dry, there are more chances your baby will develop diaper rash.

When there is the absorption of baby’s urine in the diaper it leads to skin rashes, itching, and irritation in the baby’s buttocks. The diaper rash solution lies with some effective available home remedies and keeping the baby’s skin clean.

  1. Causes for Diaper Rash
  2. Dos and Don'ts for preventing Diaper Rashes

Causes for Diaper Rash

Most common reason for diaper rash is keeping the moist diaper on your baby’s body for long time as the moist diaper (because of baby’s urine) comes in contact with the baby’s skin and makes it irritable and develops skin rashes.

Bad quality or ill-fitted diapers do not let the air to pass inside and your child feels irritating and moist inside. This also leads to diaper rash.

The other causes of diaper rash are when you wish to give some solid food to your baby and when you get doctor’s prescription that your baby is now capable of digesting little of home food. You start giving different solid food to your baby that may not be suitable for your baby and develop diaper rash. Change in the diet is recommended at that time.

Babies with diarrhea symptoms are also at fair chances of developing diaper rash.

Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Mix fresh butter in small amount of gentle and soft herbal kids’ powder and apply on skin. This soothes diaper rash.

Gently rub sesame oil on the baby’s skin as this also soothes and moisturizes baby’s skin and prevents diaper rash. This is one of the useful home remedies for diaper rash.

Applying medicinal ointments which are soft and soothing for the baby’s skin are a good option for preventing diaper rash. They are easily available in the medical stores but make it a point to always buy natural and herbal products as the chemical-based products are not safe for your baby’s skin.

Mix half teaspoon of clean water in small amount olive oil and gently massage on baby’s skin this prevents diaper rash. You can also massage the skin using fresh milk. This is one of the best home remedies for diaper rash

Dip baby’s cotton nappies in an effective vinegar and water solution for final rinsing after the normal wash, as vinegar has the property to kill all the fungus and bacterial infections.

Cornstarch also works wonder in soothing the skin rashes caused by moist and wet diapers.

Roasted flour also works in diaper rash, use this baked flour as a powder on the baby’s skin.

Mixing some amount of oatmeal to the warm water before giving your baby a refreshing bath is an effective home remedy for preventing diaper rash and keeping the skin germ free. This is one of the important home remedies for diaper rash.

Calendula which is a natural herb is also very effective in

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Dos and don'ts for preventing diaper rashes

Never wash your child’s buttocks with harmful chemical-based detergents and shampoo’s. Use fresh warm water for cleaning and allow the skin to dry completely.

Always keep the baby’s diaper clean, moist free, and dry.

Let the child wear the loose, elastic-free diapers as the baby’s skin is too soft for bearing skin fitted diapers and cloths. Try to keep it loose and ventilating.

Never compromise with the quality of the diaper. Use always the best quality, good absorbing diaper as this can also minimizes the chances of diaper rash.

Allow the fresh air to come and dry the child’s skin by not letting them to wear the diapers all the time.

Keep the baby’s skin dry and germ free, warm and clean baby bath and using mild baby powder are good options.

Mother’s milk is highly beneficial for the baby to get all the necessary minerals and vitamins required in the body. In other words, you can also say mother’s milk makes the white blood corpuscles (one of the component found in the blood to fight against disease) strong to fight against infections. Bacterial infection and skin rashes problem (like diaper rash) will be minimized if the baby is taking the mother’s milk.

Always wash the cotton cloth baby nappies using perfume free and bacteria fighting soaps. This small but necessary preventive measure is highly required from your side for preventing diaper rash.

Take good care of your baby and prevent him or her from diaper rash.

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i found to be very useful
#1 - jothi - 08/19/2008 - 12:38
I think this was useful, although, I already knew much of it. However, I think the author of this article needs a reality check & stop saying the mothers are lazy. Yes, there are some lazy ones out there, but not all of us are like that. & babies get diaper rash. it's a fact...not just because the mother is lazy. So If this article were rephrased, It'd b e a "good" article.
#2 - #1 Mommy - 08/10/2010 - 21:24
Although the article was helpful I found it very offensive that a baby's with diaper rash means that the mom is lazy.......
My little one has diaper rashes on and off from day one, and I change her diaper every time she pees even if its just a drop. We can go through 20 diapers a day sometimes..... but I don't care as long as my baby is clean..... and health......
#3 - me - 03/06/2011 - 20:24
Diapers are a new parent’s best friend. Today, it is impossible to think of babies being diaper free all day and night. But, do you know some shocking facts about diapers?
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