Home Remedies for Common Cold
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Common Cold

Another name of common cold is viral rhinitis. common cold is a viral infection in the respiratory system that result in chest congestion, runny nose, fever and soar throat. This disease is caused due to attack of viruses like rhinovirus and adenovirus to our body. This is a communicable disease and easily spread from on person to another. Normally these virus do not attack healthy body, even if they attack, person with good health may easily resist and can get well soon. common cold may attack infants, children, and adults. In ayurveda it is known as pratishyaye.

  1. Causes for Common Cold
  2. Symptoms for Common Cold
  3. Home Remedies for Common Cold

Common Cold Causes

High level of Common Cold and heart-related problems has become very common today. The kind of stressful life we are living, unhealthy eating habit etc. has badly affected the level of Common Cold in our body. The main causes of high level of Common Cold are unhealthy food (junk foods, food cooked in butter and other saturated fats, soft drinks), excess intake of red meat, stress, smoking and consuming alcohol and other drugs.

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Common Cold Symptoms

This disease may last for 2-3 days or a week. Person suffering from common cold has sore throat, chest congestion, trouble in breathing, sneezing, mucous storing in nostrils and chest, severe headache, and mild or sometimes severe fever.

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Treatment for Common Cold

common cold is a communicable disease. The main causes of this disease are the attack of various viruses and our body is unable to resist all of these viruses. These viruses easily transfer from one body to another. If someone uses hanky, towels, utensils, etc., of a patient suffering from common cold, he too will catch this disease. In fact by just sitting with such patients and touching them, and later touching their own nose transfer these viruses from one body to another.


No treatment as such has been introduced for the cure of common cold. In fact antibiotics too are not helpful in curing common cold. There are plenty of home remedies helpful in the treatment of common cold.

Home remedies for Common Cold:

Take steam:

Taking steam clears chest congestion by loosening mucous. Once you start inhaling steam, the mucous starts liquefying and clear congestion in chest.


Take 5-6 glasses of water and warm it and add sage and a little amount of alum into it. Gargling with this mixture will loosen the mucous, soothes throat, and open chest congestion. This is one of the best home remedies for common cold.

Chamomile tea :

Patient suffering from common cold feels restless and finds trouble in sleep. Chamomile tea with 2-3 tablespoon of jaggery sooths throat and stomach, and patient has a normal sleep. Sassafras tea is another home remedy that helps in a normal sleep for patient suffering from common cold.

Zinc-rich pills :

Zinc is one of the essential mineral helpful in curing common cold. Zinc-rich pills are easily available in the medical stores. Chewing these pills sooths throat and give relief.

Mixture of lemon juice and whiskey:

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice in a half teaspoon whiskey and a teaspoon of honey. Add hot water to it and make syrup. This syrup not only soothes throat and loosen mucous membrane, but also cure from fever and body pain. One of the useful home remedies for common cold.

Home made cough syrup:

Lemon juice is taken out from a boiled lemon (boil it approximately for 7-9 minutes) and 2 tablespoon of glycerin is added and stirred well. After some time 1 tablespoon of honey is added and kept aside for sometime. This syrup is very effective, gives fast relief and soothes sour throat.

Lahsun (Garlic) paste with milk :

Add a spoon of garlic paste to a glass of warm milk. This garlic containing milk will reduce chest congestion, improves breathing and acts as an efficient antioxidant that protect against cold. This is one of the useful home remedies for common cold.

Citrus fruits :

Take citrus fruits like orange, as it is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C are an essential vitamin that helps in curing common cold.

Herb Echinacea:

This useful herb is very common in China. It is effective in curing common cold as it is an effective antioxidant. This herb is well-recommended by various health organizations.

Sarso (Mustard)—flour paste:

Take a tablespoon of mustard seed and add one-fourth flour to it, add little lukewarm water to it and make a paste. Take a thin piece of cotton cloth and spread this paste over it, and then cover it with another piece of cloth. Put it over the patient’s chest, make sure that the size of the cloth is such that it covers entire chest. This is one of the important home remedies for common cold.

However, infants and young children may find difficulty taking these tea or syrup; hence they are given nose drops, prepared by adding a pitch of salt to half a glass of water, after every 2-3 hours. These drop sooths and loosen mucous in the nose. Children should be given maximum fluid and liquid food.

However, prevention is always better than care. Here is a list of things that you should do to keep yourself away from common cold. Take healthy food, rich in Vitamins (A, B1 to B3, B12, and C) and minerals (especially zinc). Drink lots of water and other fluid to avoid mucous membrane from drying. Take proper rest, go for morning walk, do yoga and other exercises. Keep your body clean, take bath regularly. common cold is a communicable disease; avoid using towel, handkerchief, and utensils of a common cold patient.

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Common cold is a viral disease to which it is airborne. So dont sneeze or cough in an open place without using mask or hanky.
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Good article! But - soar throat? That's a hell of a throat! Other common cold treatments include special breathing techniques, and a lot of warm drink. And having fun!
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like this!
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Great tips!
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My favourite remedies are lots of garlic, water and rest! For more ideas:
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