Home Remedies for Bad Breath
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Bad Breath

This is quite unfortunate that people suffering from hardly understand that this disease should never be ignored. However, most of them think that it is a natural thing after certain age and one can do nothing about it. or halitosis can affect people of all age group; in fact it has nothing to do with age. can be due to many different reasons from trapped food in the mouth to disease in gums to unhealthy food habit to stress and tension. This article will explain everything about halitosis and will explain the effective home remedies to avoid it.

  1. Causes for Bad Breath
  2. Symptoms for Bad Breath
  3. Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Causes for Bad Breath

is one of worst medical problem people are suffering all over the world. The causes for this embarrassing and at the same time discouraging disease are poor gums, non-chewed food trapped between tooth, eating greasy and garlic, onion-rich food, diabetes, and sometimes constipation. Poor gums or dental problems like cavity in a tooth results in pus in the gums and thus a poor bad smell comes from the mouth. Doctors also say that if a person has poor digestive or respiratory system, he suffers from . Diseases like sinusitis, chronic disease; intestinal disease such as constipation has a major role in producing . Respiratory disease cause thick layers on tongue, which produce foul smell.

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Symptoms for Bad Breath

The only symptom for this most uncomfortable disease is bad odorous smell coming from the mouth. We can also find one more symptom like bad taste in mouth.

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Home Remedies for Bad Breath - Treatment for Bad Breath

It is unfortunate that people suffering from ignore and care very less to get rid of it. There are several effective home remedies for the treatment of bad breath


Guava is one of the most liked fruits. It is not only good in taste, but also is very healthy and nutritious. Guava and its leaves are one of the best medicines for . Guava contains some of the useful chemical like oxalic acid, malic acid, and minerals like calcium, manganese. All these chemicals are helpful for gums and teeth, avoids , make teeth strong, and prevent them from bleeding.


Similarly, apple is also a very important fruit. Chewing it after meal, will keep the mouth fresh, and takes out all the trapped foods lying between teeth.

Tea made from fenugreek (methi) seeds:

This is one of the oldest and effective home remedy used to get rid of . Take a 1/2 liter of water and put to boil add a teaspoon of fenugreek seed to it and boil at medium or low flame for 10-20 minutes. Strain away all the seeds and take this tea 3-4 times a day. This is one of the best home remedies for bad breath


Avocado or Makhanphal is a very useful fruit. It clears the harmful materials stored in the intestine due to improper digestion and other diseases, and thus prevents the formation of in the mouth. Doctors have approved that eating two to three pieces of makhanphal is far better and much more effective than any other mouth freshener.

Fresh vegetable and fruit juice:

Eating unhealthy food, eating less food, drinking less water or fluids are some of the reasons for . With a busy schedule we tend to eat less, however, one should always take lots of water or other fluids like freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juice. These fluids keep the mouth wet and gums soft. Thus, there is less formation of and accumulation of bad-smelled sticky materials on tongue.

Mint leaves and cloves:

Person suffering from may chew mint leaves, cloves, etc. This keeps the mouth wet and fresh. Other than this, patient may also chew sunflower seeds. In fact it is a wonderful remedy for avoiding .

Coffee and tea:

A cup of tea or coffee is one of the easiest ways to keep away .

Rinsing mouth with mixture containing parsley leaves:

Take 1-2 glass of water and add finely chopped parsley leaves to it. Boil it for 15-20 minutes. Add 3-4 cloves to it and boil it for some time with constant stirring. Strain it and bring it to lukewarm temperature and rinse your mouth (gargle) two to three times a day. This has come out as an effective remedy for the treatment of bad breath. This is one of the useful home remedies for bad breath.

Rinsing mouth with mixture containing lemon extract:

Take 1-2 glass of water and add one tablespoon of freshly prepared lemon juice to it. Rinse your mouth with it for 2-3 times a day. This will keep you fresh and avoid . This is one of the important home remedies for bad breath

Nutritional and healthy diet:

Stress and wrong food habit is one of the major causes for . Person suffering from should always eat proper food and at proper time.

Make a diet chart include all the essential, nutritional food items like green vegetables, fruits, carrots, celery, grams, less oily food, cereals. Avoid junk food, apart from severely affecting various parts of the body like heart, lungs, it also produce in the mouth. Oily or junk food dry the mouth and produce sticky material on the tongue which results in . Eat less but frequently and also take as much fluid you can, this not only will keep the digestion process perfect, but also will prevent the mouth from drying. All this will ultimately result in preventing . Another important thing to remember is not to take any fluid like water, juice when you are eating your meal. It may sound strange, but it is true that drinking water or any other fluid during taking meal weaken the digestion process inside the body, and which result in several problems including . So drink after 15-20 minutes of taking your meal.

Apart from all the above mentioned treatments, some basic things should never be missed. Brush your teeth properly and at least twice a day, and after taking any greasy or garlic-rich food, never forget to clean your tongue. It is also said that using margosa twigs as a brush for cleaning teeth is an effective method of preventing . Margosa, or neem has lots of medicinal property. Keep yourself happy, don’t panic for anything, go for walk, do yogas and exercises, live stress-free. You should never forget that happiness can only come to those who are fit from body and mind.

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The only thing that will make me look at another guy incase am approached, is the fact that my boyfreind's mouth smell. Well I have read yo home remedies and am gonna try ma best and try them out. For the sake of me and this man, I pray that they work. Otherwise am fed up.
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really information given above in this site are very useful for one to get rid of bad breath.....above all after eating if we rinse out our mouth with water(*salty water)it ll also help you guys...
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