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The kind of lifestyle we are leading, backache is an obvious problem. Unhealthy eating habit, graveyard job-timings, sitting in front of a computer system and too much stress and pressure in life has made life not only difficult but unhealthy as well. backache is a situation when a person feels acute and severe pain in the middle and lower portion of his back. With passage of time, the pain become severe and affects the entire back, especially around hips and waist. Spondylosis or cervical is also a backache in which the spine gets erect and lose its flexibility and thus cause difficulty in bending the body parts. In ayurveda it is known as prisht shool. It is classified under vata disease.

  1. Causes for Backache
  2. Symptoms for Backache
  3. Home Remedies for Backache

Backache Causes

A The common causes for backache are:

Sitting long hours in a same posture

Joint pain

Muscular pain

Eating junk food

Lack of balance diet

No exercise

No walk



Improper functioning of kidney

Obesity, influenza

Irregular menstrual cycle in women

Wearing high heel shoes

Sleeping in a wrong posture,

Too much mental stress

Excess physical labor

Person may also suffer severe backache while carrying heavy loads, especially when carrying in a wrong way.

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Backache Symptoms

Pain in a back is one of the worst experiences. Not only backache is physically painful, it badly affects ones life, mood, working capacity, and efficiency. The common symptoms for backache are: patient will feel serious pain in the lower and middle portion of the back, pain around hips and waist. The worst form of backache is spondylosis or cervical. In this the bones in the spinal column combine together and thus reducing the flexibility of spine. This disease can occur to anyone, especially adults; pregnant ladies are also the worst victim of backache as they carry a baby in their womb. The sudden increase in weight, badly affect the lower spine.

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Backache Treatment - Home Remedies for Backache

backache is one of the most common diseases we are suffering today. A person suffering from a severe backache will never feel happy working, eating, or doing any other day-to-day work. Today, people are going for herbal or home remedies for curing any kind of disease. Given below are some of the common home remedies used for the treatment of backache.

Garlic and oil:

Take 8-9 pieces of garlic and add in a sarso tail (mustard), til tail (sesame oil) or nariyal tail (coconut oil). Heat the oil for some time at low flame. Cool the mixture and apply it over the affected area by massaging and keep for 3-4 hours. The patient may also take bath in warm water after the massage. This is one of the oldest and most effective home remedy. Patients may also eat 2-3 garlic pieces every morning. This is one of the useful home remedies for backache.

Raw vegetables and fruits:

Consuming Vitamin C rich food daily helps in curing backache. Patient should eat citrus fruits like orange. Patient should also eat lots of green leafy vegetable, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, carrot, radish, spinach, etc. Take a balanced diet; eat less and four times a day. As overweight people are more susceptible to backaches, they should take milk and fruits in the morning, vegetables cooked in little oil and chapatis (wheat) in the afternoon and green salads at night. In the meantime they can take fruit juice. Following this type of proper diet chart helps in proper backache treatment.

Lemon juice:

Add common salt to the freshly prepared lemon juice (juice extracted from a lemon can be used for two times) and drink. The freshly prepared lemon juice has a magical effect in curing backache. This is one of the important home remedies for backache

Potato plaster:

Patient suffering from lower back pain is treated using potato. In this raw potato is spread over a thin cotton cloth and covered again with another piece of cloth. Then this is kept over the effected area. Many patients have tried this treatment and experienced better result.

Bishop weeds (ajowain):

Keeping a small bundle of ajowain seeds over the affected back area gives immense relief from the severe backache. Take small amount bishop weed and put it in a small cloth. Put this bundle on already heated container, and let the bundle get heated. Apply it over the patient’s back. This is one of the best home remedies for backache.

Incorporating some healthy habits in your daily life is another way to stay free from any kind of health-related problems. For example, avoid sitting on a chair with no support, walk a little after sitting continuously for 3-4 hours, sit straight on chair, and sleep in correct posture, do not bend directly to pick something from the ground, always bend on your knees. Do regular exercise and morning walk, brisk walk. Doing mild exercise and yogas are best treatment for backache and several other health-related problems. Some of the common yogas for relief from backache are shavasana, bhujangasana, and halasana. However, before performing these yoga mudraas one should consult yoga instructors.

Patient suffering from backache should realize that this disease is not mostly due to internal problems in our body, but is due to our unhealthy lifestyle. So, one should start living a healthy life by adopting a healthy art of living.

Apart from the above mentioned home remedies for backache, patient should strictly avoid junk foods, soft drinks, fried foods, sweets, caffeine, etc. Should avoid smoking, consuming alcohol, chewing tobacco, and other narcotics.

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#2 - Maria - 06/03/2009 - 13:18
this is a very good site but as i suffer from the back pain becoz of a severe accident and with stones problems and acidity the meals given are very contra to each problem thats makes it hard for me to decide what to eat and what not to eat
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