Home Remedies for Athlete Foot
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Athlete Foot

Athlete foot is the fungal or bacterial infection on the skin. Toe fingers get infected by germ viruses in the moist or sweaty condition. Fungus generally gets the rooms to spread themselves in warm, less airy, and moist conditions so it is necessary to keep your fingers dry and clean all the time to keep the irritating condition away.

  1. Causes for Athlete Foot
  2. Home remedies for Athlete foot
  3. Symptoms for Athlete Foot
  4. Dos and don'ts for preventing athlete foot

Athlete Foot Causes

Athlete foot is generally caused if you keep your toe fingers moist, dirty, or wear unclean synthetic shocks, and plastic shoes.

If you spend most of your time swimming, sweating out, bathing, and do not keep your toe fingers dry using soft cotton cloth or by applying some anti-bacterial powder chances are high that you will suffer from fungal infections called athlete foot.

If you keep toe fingers wet for long hours it leads to the growth of microorganisms and bacteria which causes athlete foot.

Not wearing new and fresh cotton shocks, not keeping your shoes clean and free from bacteria also lead to athlete foot.

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Home remedies for Athlete foot

Given below athlete foot home treatments are very useful in getting you free from fungal infections.

Baking soda is also very useful and provides an effective home remedy for athlete foot. Take a pinch of baking soda and rub it between your leg fingers, let it dry for sometime than clean your legs using fresh and clean water.

You can also soak your legs in the salt and warm water solution. Add two-three tablespoon of salt in half bucket of water and soak your feet in this warm water solution. This clears away the germs and fungus between the toe fingers. One of the useful home remedies for athlete foot.

You can apply oil of tea tree as it has anti-germ properties and are very effective in the treatments of athlete foot.

Use vinegar water solution for cleaning your toe fingers. This homemade solution is prepared by mixing 10-15 drops of vinegar solution in a half bucket of water. This is very effective for curing athlete foot. This is one of the useful home remedies for athlete foot.

Athlete foot cure using cornstarch---Take small amount of cornstarch in your hand palm and gently rub this bacteria fighting cornstarch between your leg fingers. This is one of the best home remedies for athlete foot.

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Symptoms for Athlete Foot

Bad and foul smell between the toe fingers because of moist and unclean condition also indicates athlete foot infections.

Skin turns dry. There is itching, redness, and inflammation between the leg fingers which indicates athlete foot infections.

Sometimes pain and skin flakes off are also observed between the toe fingers.

Athlete foot are common among people who have gone through some surgical operations, they are common with diabetic patients, and those who keeps their toe fingers moist. athlete foot is also seen in cricketers and other sports persons.

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Dos and don'ts for Athlete Foot

Wear good quality shoes in which your feet can breathe.

Use medicated soaps for cleaning your feet.

Always keep the toe fingers clean and moist free.

Wear cotton and other soft fabric shocks which provide comfort and keeps the feet dry.

Be more alert if you are suffering from diabetes and the skin infections are not drying. Visit your doctors for thorough check up and do not avoid it.

Apply antifungal powders between your toe fingers to prevent them from infections.

In case of bleeding, and when the affected area is not drying up visit your skin doctors and get it thoroughly checked.

Eat healthy foods to prevent the growth of fungus causing athlete foot and some other infections:

Say no to alcohol and quit smoking.

Do not eat junk food, processed food, and refined flour products.

Eat green vegetables like palak, methi, cabbage, bhatua, peas, garlic, coriander leaves in your diet.

Eat homemade balanced diet as they are less oily and are rich in nutritional values, rich in necessary minerals and vitamins.

Do not take high amount of beverages, coffee, tea in your regular meal.

Avoid high amount of sugar and oily foods.

Given above home treatments are effective and you will get your soft and germ free feet back. Chances are various that you can develop the athlete foot infections again so prevention is the best step to avoid the fungal infections to grow again and again.


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